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Wang Meiyu said, “I heard that the school would start working on the underground drainage system this year during the winter vacation.

Everyone was sad for a while when they heard the news, which means there will be no rainy season vacation next year.”

Jiang Yao chatted with them for a while, then got them to return to their seats and began to re-examine their results.

Then, she guided them one by one, like a teacher.

There was less rain that day, so they decided to announce the holidays.

Students could go home early, and those who stayed in the dorms were not allowed to leave the school.

The school learned from the weather bureau that the heavy rain would continue until the next afternoon, accompanied by a typhoon.

They said that the rain would be less heavy, but Jiang Yao shook her head when she stood downstairs and looked at the rain.

There was always a period when the weather in the south was annoying.

“Miss Jiang, do you want to stay in the dormitory or go home”

Wu Boyan asked as he stood beside Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao had not received any reply from Lu Xingzhi.

She stood there and thought for a few seconds before saying, “Go home.

Didnt the school give us three days off Its boring to stay in the dormitory alone.”

“Then, please be careful on the road.

Ill go back to the dormitory with them.” Wu Boyan and Jiang Yao waved their hands.

Since she was carrying an umbrella, they did not say anything else and left with the others.

Jiang Yao went back to the dormitory.

When she was ready to pack her things and leave, the rain had gotten much heavier.

Therefore, she waited until past seven in the evening before she got into the car and headed back to the army base.

During the rainy season, the citys streets were sparsely populated, and many places had already started to flood.

Occasionally, there would be pedestrians holding umbrellas on the side of the road.

When a car passed by, it would splash puddle water onto the pedestrian, who would then curse and swear at the driver.

“I didnt do it on purpose.

Its raining, and the fog is heavy, so the visibility on the road is low.” Big Ke shrugged innocently.

“Ive tried to slow down, but I cant control the splashes.”

“Then drive slower.”

“If I drive slower, its no different from pushing the car.” Big Ke could not stand that kind of weather.

“I used to grumble about how dry the air was when I was outside.

It rained only a few times a year, and the water was even more expensive than gasoline.

However, the more rain there is, the worse the situation becomes.”

As Jiang Yao listened to Big Kes complaints about the weather, she frowned when she learned that Lu Xingzhis phone was still turned off.

“Director Jiang, Young Master Lu still havent picked up the phone”

Big Ke looked at Jiang Yao and asked, “Maybe hes out on a mission”

“Well know when we get to the army base.”

Jiang Yao put her phone away and adjusted her coat.

The weather in the south was so strange.

It was already autumn, but the weather was still as hot as summer.

However, as long as it rained for a few days, the temperature would plummet.

The temperature that day was only 17 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Normally, their journey would only take an hour.

Due to the heavy rain, Big Ke drove for nearly two hours before they reached the army base entrance.

He had to take several detours due to flooded roads..


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