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When Jiang Yao returned to the dormitory, she received a call from Lu Xingzhi.

As soon as Jiang Yao picked up the call, she heard rain, thunder, and strong wind from Lu Xingzhis side.

“Tell me where you are now.

Why arent you at home” Jiang Yao did not need Lu Xingzhi to say anything to know that the guy had called her specifically to tell her not to go out.

Lu Xingzhi said, “Im rushing to repair the road.

Its nothing.

Ill be back in the army base in a while.

You should be back in the dorm after class.”

“You wont be out all day today, will you

Jiang Yao frowned.

“Its raining so heavily.

If youre repairing the road all day, wouldnt that be the same as being out in the rain What road is so important that you have to rush to repair it today Cant the people take a different route Its raining so heavily, and the weather is cold.

What if you get sick from being drenched in the rain

“Dont worry, a bit of rain wont defeat me.

I am in good health.” Lu Xingzhi did not tell Jiang Yao that he was repairing a river channel.

The flood discharge was a necessary route for that river.

The higher-ups worried that an accident would happen during the flood discharge, so they ordered their soldiers to rush overnight to repair and reinforce the river channel.

All the soldiers were mobilized, so he would be able to return to the army in two to three hours.

However, Jiang Yao had guessed correctly Lu Xingzhi had been out in the rain the whole day.

At first, everyone was wearing raincoats, but the raincoats could not stop the rain at all during the torrential rain.

In the end, because water had seeped into their clothes, they were wet and sticky.

On the contrary, their clothes and raincoats became things that hindered their work.

Therefore, in the end, everyone simply went to work shirtless.

“No matter how good ones body is, it is always bad for ones body to be drenched in the rain.

A persons body is not made of steel, so it is not immune to poison.

You must remember to drink a cup of tea to warm your body.”

Lu Xingzhi did not take it to heart at all.

He was confident that his body was in good health.

Jiang Yao heard someone calling him.

It seemed like he was swamped, so Jiang Yao could only reluctantly hang up the phone.

“You have to take care of yourself.

Ill take care of myself too.”

“Okay, Ill call and text you when Im free.

Ill drive to the university to pick you up when the rain stops.

Jiang Yao sighed, listening to the beeping sound of the phone replacing Lu Xingzhis voice.

She was worried that Lu Xingzhi was only acting tough.

Big Ke brought some dinner for Jiang Yao.

It was raining heavily outside, so Big Ke had received Lu Xingzhis orders.

Jiang Yao did not need to go out at all..


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