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“If we cant find anything, then well make some.

As long as we make it, other people will believe us, and she wont be able to explain it.

As long as Zhou Hailans reputation is gone, we can propose terminating the contract.

What we want is the result.

As for whether its true or not, does it have anything to do with us”

That night, Wen Wanji didnt come back, and the news about the Wan Zong Conference didnt spread, so Qin Yu had a rare quiet day.

He took out the fruit from the spatial artifact and examined it carefully.

Qin Yu didnt know the name of this fruit, so he simply named it the great Yue fruit.

The great Yue fruit was blood red, and in Qin Yus hands, it looked like a few drops of blood.

There was no aura to speak of.

Qin Yu tried to eat another one, and sure enough, the feeling from before reappeared.

“It seems like what I thought,”Qin Yu thought to himself.

Jue Wus sudden seclusion probably had something to do with the Big Yue fruit.

Qin Yu got up and walked all the way to Wen Da and Wen Ers room.

He interrupted Wen Da, who was dressing up, and then asked, “Wen Da, what realm are you in now”

Wen Da was stunned and scratched his head.

“I really forgot about that.

It seems to be… the nascent soul realm, right Why are you asking this”

Qin Yu didnt say anything.

He took out the Big Yue fruit and handed it to Wen


“Try This,”Qin Yu said.

Wen Da took the Big Yue fruit from Qin Yus hand.

He looked it up and down and muttered, “What is this”

“Dont ask.

In short, its good for you,”Qin Yu urged.

Wen Da didnt think too much.

He immediately stuffed the fruit into his mouth.

“How is it Do you feel anything”Qin Yu hurriedly asked.

Wen Da scratched his head and said, “I dont feel anything…”

“You dont feel anything How is that possible Feel it carefully again.”Qin Yus eyes immediately widened.

Wen Da still shook his head and said, “I really dont feel anything…”

“Thats strange… “Qin Yu felt even stranger.

He sat on the chair and pondered for a moment.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something.

“Come, try eating a few more.

“Qin Yu took out three big yue fruits and handed them to Wen Da.

Although Wen Da was a little suspicious, he still swallowed the three big yue fruits according to Qin Yus request.

“What about now”Qin Yu hurriedly asked.Support our Benovel.com

Wen Da was silent for a moment, as if he was carefully feeling the feelings in his body.

“Theres a strange aura that rushed straight to my mind…”Wen da muttered.

“What a strange feeling.

Its as if something is about to be washed away, but this feeling is fleeting.”

Qin Yu clapped her hands and could not help but shout, “As expected!”

This big Yue fruit could indeed raise ones realm, but it was probably proportional to ones talent.

The stronger ones talent was, the more obvious the effects of this big Yue fruit would be!

For example, after eating more than half of the Big Yue fruits final dance, one would instantly feel like they were about to break through.

Another example was Qin Yu, who had eaten a big yue fruit, and felt the effects of the Big Yue fruit.

On the other hand, Wen da only felt a little bit after swallowing three big yue fruits.

“I see…”Qin Yu muttered in a low voice.

He looked at the Big Yue fruit in his hand and felt even more amazed.

What kind of fruit was this It had such a strange healing effect

“Could it be related to Big Yue”Qin Yu thought to himself.

As a great cultivator in the crossing calamity stage, Big Yue was someone who could look down on the entire starry sky.

Their methods were not something Qin Yu and the others could understand at all.

It was said that they could destroy the world with a raise of their hands.

With a sneeze, they could shatter the galaxy.

With a raise of their hands, they could reshape space.

With their abilities, it was not surprising for them to leave behind any treasures.

As Da Yues former residence, Da Yue mountain probably left behind countless treasures.

The fact that this fruit could be left behind could be considered Qin Yus fortune.

Qin Yu kept the fruit and planned to consume it slowly after he recovered his spiritual power.

The next day.

Wen Da and Wen Er were still dressing up when Li Yingying walked in.

She pushed open Wen Das door and looked around as if she was looking for something.

“Yingying Why are you here”Wen Da walked over with a smile.

Li yingying let out an “AH”and said, “Are you ready”

Wen da said somewhat proudly, “Of course! Ive been preparing since yesterday! We can set off at any time!”

Li Yingying grunted in gratitude.

At this time, she suddenly said, “Oh right, wheres Qin Yu He should be fine too, right Call him along..”


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