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“Alright, Ill leave this matter to you.

Ill get the people in the company to choose a new candidate now.

The brand will launch soon, so we need to film and do promotions urgently.

Furthermore, Zhou Hailan did not return to the hotel after he and the others left the shooting location.

After all, she had been assaulted in front of everyone, intimidated, exposed, had her ring taken away, and had been wrongly implicated by others.

She took a car and fled Luo City that night.

She arrived after passing through two cities.

She purchased the quickest flight back to Jindo City.

Luo City police had already conducted an investigation.

One-third of those present that day had gone forward to say they had witnessed Zhou Hailan take the ring to the washroom.

The police station also met a woman who was cleaning the park.

The next day, when that woman went to the washroom, she saw the ring the police were looking for in one of the toilets.

Even though everyone knew that the ring was there, no one was willing to get it from the toilet after nearly a day of people coming and going.

Even if the ring was salvaged, it was impossible to sell it again.

As a result, Zhou Hailan received a call from the Luo City police station shortly after returning to Jindo City, urging her to cooperate with them to compensate for the companys losses.

Zhou Hailan was so angry that she lost her temper and smashed a lot of items in the office.

“They want me to compensate for the complete set of jewelry, claiming that the rest of the set will be brought to me in Jindo City.” Zhao Hailan was so enraged that her whole body trembled.

“What am I going to do with that jewelry set That will only make me angry once I see it!”Please keep reading on NovelFull

Zhou Hailans manager also felt that the other party had gone too far.

Losing the ring and making Zhou Hailan pay for it was already an infuriating thing to do, but in the end, they still wanted Zhou Hailan to pay for the entire set.

They even wanted to deliver the rest of the jewelry to Zhou Hailan.

He knew Zhou Hailans temper.

Did they want her to lose her temper every day

Could Zhou Hailan throw away such expensive jewelry Would she not lose more money if she threw them away

If Zhou Hailan did not want the jewelry anymore, could she not pay for it

They had already said that they would send the jewelry to Jindo City.

If Zhou Hailan did not pay for them, then she would be embarrassed and become a laughingstock in the industry.

It might even affect Zhou Hailans future endorsement work.

After all, Zhou Hailans loss was her responsibility.

If she did not take responsibility, who would trust her in the future

In short, Zhou Hailan had to spend money to buy that entire jewelry set.

It pained her to pay so much for a jewelry set that she would hate to see every day.

“What did they say about the shoot Are they still insisting on canceling the contract” Zhou Hailan sat on the sofa.

She was so angry that she could not even muster the strength to throw a tantrum.

Her manager said, “They havent said anything yet, but they didnt say anything when they found out that youve returned to Jindo City.

Theyre probably thinking of canceling the contract with you.

I guess theyre thinking of unique ways to do that.

In that way, they wont have to pay the penalty for breaching the contract.

However, our companys legal team has already gone through the contract.

They cant find any loopholes, so dont worry.

If they want to cancel the contract, theyll definitely have to pay the penalty for breaching the contract..”


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