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Chapter 1957: Plain Porridge

Jiang Yao raised her leg and kicked him.

“Get out! Get out! Whos an old married couple with you ”

She was angry and embarrassed.

Jiang Yao came out of the bathroom and went to get some fruits to eat.

She watched TV while waiting for Lu Xingzhi to finish washing the clothes.

Then, she followed him to the room.

“Im not on the side—I cant sleep well.”

Lu Xingzhi patted her head in satisfaction when he saw her lying down and leaning into his arms.

A few seconds later, he touched her stomach.

“Its getting bigger.”

Then, he moved up a little and pinched her.

“This place is getting bigger too.”


Jiang Yao swatted Lu Xingzhis mischievous hand.


“Youre not allowing me to do anything, and youre still not allowing me to touch you” Lu Xingzhi put his hand back again.

“Be reasonable.

You cant expect to keep me a vegan and have me eating plain porridge forever.

No one can stand this.”

Without waiting for Jiang Yaos reply, Lu Xingzhi carefully pressed his upper body onto Jiang Yaos body.

He lowered his head and kissed Jiang Yaos lips.

He had already endured for many days.

He had not had such intimate interactions with her in a long time.

A kiss was often not just a kiss, and it would always make him want more.

Like what he was worried about, the desire released from a kiss required great endurance to be controlled.

Jiang Yao was always able to destroy the self-control he was so proud of.

Wherever his lips went, she would tremble.

She looked at him lingering on her chest, pushed his head onto her chest, and panted.

“Stop! Stop! I cant continue!”

Lu Xingzhi was not the only one who was moved.

She was also moved.

Lu Xingzhi lay on his back.

He held Jiang Yaos hand in his palm.

It took him a long time to calm down.

He looked into her eyes again.

The photographer was right.

Jiang Yaos eyes were beautiful, but the photographer did not know her eyes were the most charming when she was emotional.

He liked to see her eyes focused on him.

At that moment, her eyes were even more radiant and moving than any starlight.

His wife was the most beautiful woman in the world.Support our Benovel.com

He hugged his wife again and lowered his head to plant a kiss on her forehead.

His voice was as gentle as a marshmallow that could turn into candy.

“Close your eyes and rest,” he said.

Jiang Yao moved her body to get closer to him.

Then, she hummed, closed her eyes, and was as obedient as a child.

Drowsiness came swiftly.

In just a few seconds, Jiang Yao quickly fell asleep.

Lu Xingzhi looked at her quiet, sleeping face.

The feeling of having the whole world in his arms was so wonderful that he was speechless.

He had wanted to call Lu Yuqing in Nanjiang City to ask about the situation after Jiang Yao fell asleep, but he could not bear to let go of his hand to make a call.

Forget it.

Nothing was more important than holding her.

It would be the same if he did it tomorrow.

Lu Xingzhi closed his eyes and fell asleep with that thought.

He did not know if Jiang Yaos medicine had taken effect or if she was his medicine.

It had been a long time since Lu Xingzhi had insomnia..

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