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Chapter 1951: I Want One Too

“So shameless!” Jiang Yao had not met the Zhao family, so she did not know anything about their situation.

“Thats right.

That old woman said that Sister Yuqing was getting old.

Shes divorced and doesnt have children yet.

If she doesnt forgive their son, she will be a spinster.” Lu Xiaoxiao curled her lips and snorted.

“My dad was with me too.

He was so angry that his blood pressure almost exploded when he heard that.

He said that women from our family could afford not to get married.

No one can look down on us.

We can also find a good husband for Sister Yuqing.

Hes younger than that trash in prison.

Hes handsome, and he dotes on her.

She only has to wave her hand if she wants him, and shell have him.”

“There are many people who like Sister Yuqing.

However, she doesnt like them.” Jiang Yao patted Lu Xiaoxiaos shoulder and smiled.

People had different world views, so their paths would not be the same.

Perhaps Zhao Zhuangzongs family thought that Lu Yuqing would be alone for the rest of her life.

“Please keep reading on lisn0vel.c0m”.They thought that no one would care for a divorced woman.

However, most people did not care about her past.

They only cared about her future.

An outstanding person would always resonate with an equally exceptional person and attract each other.

Huang Chengjing thought highly of Lu Yuqing.

Unfortunately, she had not agreed to date him.

“It seems like Sister Yuqing has a pretty good suitor.

Have you met him Whats he like What does he do How old is he How much does he earn per month Where is he from” That had piqued Lu Xiaoxiaos curiosity.

“Most importantly, is that persons family easy to get along with”

“You want to know Then ask Sister Yuqing yourself.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“I think he and Sister Yuqing are a good match.

They always have a lot to talk about.”

Lu Xingzhi said, “Ill introduce some people from the army base when Im free after Independence Day.

There are many bachelors there, and the leaders have wanted to get some matches for them.

They even had those bachelors going on blind dates.

I will find a better person for my sister than Director Huang.” “Brother, I want one too!”

Lu Xiaoxiao grabbed Lu Xingzhis arm and acted coquettishly.

“Im also at the age where I should find a partner.

You must also find in me a handsome partner.

Bring me along too!”


Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

“Being a military wife is very tough.

Youre not suitable for that life.”

Lu Xiaoxiao needed a husband who could take good care of her.

She was temperamental and was not like Lu Yuqing, who was tough and could take care of a person.

She also took good care of her family.

“Brother, youre underestimating me.

Why am I not suitable” Lu Xiaoxiao pouted unhappily.

“Im older than Jiang Yao.

You married her when she was only 18 years old.

Arent you always away from home too”

Lu Xingzhi snickered.

He did think that it was not appropriate at first, but he wanted to marry her so much that he convinced himself that they were well-suited for each other.

He told himself that it did not matter that Jiang Yao was young; he would always compromise with her.

She was studying, and he was in the army.

He would try his best to take care of her..

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