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“And Zhou Hailand attacked me first.

We can call the police.

Do you think were scared of you” Lu Xiaoxiao retorted.

Lu Xiaoxiao knew she had her brother and sister-in-law there, so she was not afraid.

The person in charge returned the phone to Jiang Yao.

His attitude toward Jiang Yao changed drastically.

He also smiled brightly at Lu Xiaoxiao.

“Director Lu said that we agreed to terminate the contract.

You have to pay the termination fee within three days.

The police will investigate the missing ring.

If the police decide that Zhou Hailan is fully responsible, then she will have to compensate us for the ring.”

After the person in charge finished speaking, he immediately called for someone.

“Quick! Get ice cubes for Ms.

Lu to apply to her face.

We will return to Nanjiang City tomorrow and choose a new actress.

However, Ms.

Lus contract will not change.”

‘What do you meanPlease keep reading on B0nn0vel.c0m

Zhou Hailan snapped back to her senses.

Her eyes seemed fierce.

“Why do you have the right to terminate the contract just because you say so And you want us to pay the penalty”

“Didnt you say you wanted to terminate the contract just now” The person in charge had had enough of Zhou Hailan and her group.

After receiving the reply from Director Lu, he had the confidence to do that.

He and his colleagues were excited to work with a big star, but that feeling only lasted for half an hour after they met her.

They understood why a big star would need assistants and bodyguards to help and protect them.

They had heard about movie stars being kidnapped, so they could understand that.

However, it was rare to see a person traveling with two or three assistants for an advertisement shoot that would only last a few days.

She also could not get up early for the shoot, affecting their progress.

She also did not want to film in the afternoon because they did not want to get tanned from the sun.

She only wanted to eat take outs from luxurious hotels, and she wanted to stay in the best hotels.

Othervvise, she could not get used to the conditions there.

The person in charge and a few colleagues were amused.

They thought they had to bring water from Jindo Citys luxurious hotels.

They thought Zhou Hailan behaved like a difficult princess with her never-ending requirements.

They felt that Zhou Hailan was not as good as the newcomer, Lu Xiaoxiao.

That younger woman could endure hardships and work hard.

She did not mind working under the hot sun.

The cameraman had high requirements, rephotographing her time and time again, and she had done that without a single complaint.

Whatever the team ate, she ate.

She smiled at everyone and could chat with anyone.

They did not know her identity, but they were sure she would be famous one day because of her ability to endure hardships..


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