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Chapter 1944: Not A Big Deal

When Jiang Yao heard it, she knew something must have happened that caused Lu Xiaoxiaos temper to explode.

She hurriedly walked in and asked, “Xiaoxiao, whats wrong”

Lu Xiaoxiao, a girl who had not experienced much in the world, would have been afraid of anything.

She had lost her temper because she was alone and helpless.

Then, she saw Jiang Yao.

She immediately ran toward Jiang Yao and burst into tears.

She cried as she spoke.

“Theyre bullying me! One of the jewels was missing, and they asked me if I had taken it.

I said no, and they said I didnt look hard enough.

Now that the item is missing, they want to hold me accountable! On what basis”

Lu Xiaoxiao was crying and yelling simultaneously.

“Theyre bullying me because Im young.

I didnt even touch the jewelry.

Sister Lan was the one who used it.

When she went to the bathroom, the ring was still in her hand.

They came to me to ask for it instead of asking Sister Lan!”

“Hey, who are you That is a filming location.

How can you just come in like this”

That was the superstar that Lu Xiaoxiao had mentioned on the phone.

The one who pointed at Jiang Yao and asked her to leave was Zhou Hailans manager.

“Why cant I be here” Jiang Yao gently patted the crying Lu Xiaoxiao and comforted her in a low voice.

“Its not a big deal.

Look at how scared you are.

Theyre just kidding.”

“Its not a big deal”

The manager was a man in his early thirties.

The oil in his hair reflected the light from the lamp.

He was thin and small.

He was not even a few centimeters taller than Jiang Yao.

On the other hand, his contemptuous face was even more ingenious than his height.

“Do you know how much that ring is worth That ring is top-grade jewelry.

It costs more than a hundred thousand bucks.

Can you earn so much money in your lifetime” After saying that, the man pointed at Lu Xiaoxiao and said, “And you will have to shoot advertisements until you die to earn that much money, right”

“A hundred thousand bucks is not a big deal.

You dont take it seriously.

But why should we pay for things that have nothing to do with Xiaoxiao”

Jiang Yao said, “Xiaoxiao said she didnt touch the ring.

Your star had worn the ring, and now it is missing.

And you want Xiaoxiao to pay for it Do you think shes a sucker

Jiang Yao looked at the few anxious people standing at the side.

Please keep reading on B0nn0vel.c0m.As expected, she saw familiar faces.

Lu Yuqing had wanted Jiang Yao to see the people while they worked, so she had given her a copy of the employees information in the morning.

Their photos were in the report.

Therefore, Jiang Yao knew that those were her employees.

Jiang Yao waved at them.

“You are from the jewelry company.

There are so many people here.

Lu Xiaoxiao cant be the only one who saw who wore the ring.

Do you have anyone who can prove it”

As soon as Jiang Yao spoke, a young man stood up.

“Sister Lan went to the washroom with the ring on her hand just now, but I was not here when she returned, so I dont know if she wore it then.

Maybe she accidentally dropped it in the washroom Theres only one washroom here..

Do you want to look for it

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