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Chapter 1941: I Dont Like Her

The welfare institute was not big, but it had nearly 50 children.

Each childs age was different.

The oldest seemed to be 15 or 16 years old, and the youngest was just a baby.

Jiang Yao was there with tools.

She was there to collect blood samples for the children, so it was not a difficult task.

When Zhou Junmin and Jiang Yao got out of the car, they were surprised to see another familiar face there.

“Why is Colonel Yes daughter, Ye Xueli, here” Zhou Junmin whispered, “What is that woman thinking”

Jiang Yao asked, “Whats wrong Did the girl provoke you”

“She did not provoke me, but I just dont like her,” Zhao Junmin sneered.

“When you were kidnapped last time, we were all worried sick.

We were very anxious, but we couldnt find any useful information.

She knew where you were taken, but she didnt say anything.

Later, her brother told us what she knew.

It was only then she said something about it.”

Zhou Junmin felt that he had more to say about Ye Xueli.

“Ill be honest with you.

When I first came to the army base, I didnt like Ye Xueli.

She hasnt gotten married yet, but its her fault.

She was engaged with a soldier.

However, when that soldier was on a mission, he had an accident and was left with a scar on his face.

It was not significant, just a tiny scar on his eyebrows.

However, she insisted on breaking off the engagement with that


Jiang Yao had heard about that when she first moved in.

That was the reason Ye Xueli was not very popular in the army.

“I heard that before we moved here, when Colonel Lu did not have any neighbors, Ye Xueli rarely came back.

Maybe once every six months.

Even during the winter and summer holidays, she would come and go in a hurry.

But after you and Colonel Lu moved in, Ye Xueli tried to find an excuse to see Colonel Lu every day, especially when you were not around.

Her gaze was fixed on Colonel Lu as if she wanted to cling to him.

Fortunately, Colonel Lu is a good person.

He didnt even bother to talk to her.”

“I heard that Ye Xueli didnt say anything about my kidnapping, not because she was afraid of retaliation, but because she wished that I would die so that she could replace me as Xingzhis wife.” Jiang Yao spread her hands and said,

“When I came back, many people pulled me aside and told me to guard against Ye Xueli.

Everyone said that she has a crafty mind.” They said many bad things about Ye Xueli, but Jiang Yao was not too sure if most of them were true or false.

“Anyway, its better to keep a distance from such a woman.”

When Zhou Junmin said that, the children had arrived.

Their tiny faces and hands were all washed clean.

Some of them even had water dripping from their hands.

“Dont be nervous.

Im just here to take a blood sample and send it to the hospital.

The police will try their best to find your family.” Jiang Yao patted Yanzis head and said, “Youll be alone before your brothers come back.

Are you afraid”

“Auntie Lu, I wont be alone.

I have another brother, so Im not afraid.

I hope my other brothers can return as soon as possible,” Yanzi replied innocently to Jiang Yao..

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