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Chapter 1939: Fear Of Losing

Lu Xingzhi had never taken those compliments to heart.

He patted Jiang Yaos head, walked to the door, and brought Jiang Yaos slippers to her feet.

He patted her head again and said, “Put on your shoes when you get down.”

Then, he turned around and went to the kitchen to cook.

When Lu Xingzhi had finished cooking, she realized that he had cooked many dishes.

He had cooked four dishes for the two of them; he even cooked some new cuisines for her.

He must have learned to cook for her.

The army base was too far from their home.


Lu had to work, and Mrs.

Jiang had to care for her daughter-in-law.

So, the burden of taking care of Jiang Yao while she was pregnant fell on Lu Xingzhis shoulders.

He had done much better than Jiang Yao had expected.

Jiang Yao had fantasized about Lu Xingzhi being a father, but it was not what she had imagined.

He was more meticulous than she had imagined.

She remembered his suicide note from their previous life—he did not hide his feelings for her, nor did he conceal his desire to have a child.

At that time, Jiang Yao thought that Lu Xingzhi would definitely be a loving father.

It seemed like she was right.

When Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi were about to rest, Zhou Junmin went to their house.

As they were not talking about anything private, Jiang Yao listened from the side.

“The situation of those children has been reported.

Can Mrs.

Lu go to the welfare institute tomorrow to collect their blood samples Or do you want them to go to Shengqi Hospital in Nanjiang City” Zhou Junmin asked.

“I can go there tomorrow.

Its no trouble.” Jiang Yaos medical system could complete such a small task.

She only needed to send the results to the hospital and let them compare them.

“Okay, then Ill take Mrs.

Lu to the welfare institute tomorrow morning.” Zhou

Junmin nodded.

No matter what others thought, Zhou Junmin thought Jiang Yao was a doctor with extraordinary medical skills.

His impression of her further improved when he learned that she had graduated early.

“When I came back, it was already dark.

I heard a few people talking about you, Colonel.

They were sitting in the corner talking and didnt notice me.

I only heard a few comments.

They are discussing how to deal with you in the competition.

They wanted to send the best team with the best skills to compete with you, Colonel.”

“I know.”

Lu Xingzhi was not surprised at all.

He had guessed the purpose of that person when he heard that persons question in the office.

“They want to take turns competing with you” Jiang Yao was suddenly energized.

“Shameful! So hateful! You should report them.

They only applied for a few competitions and then chose the most outstanding person to compete with Xingzhi.

They dont want him to win the competition!”

“Are you afraid that Colonel Lu will lose” Zhou Junmin burst into laughter when he saw Jiang Yaos indignant look.

He was not afraid that Lu Xingzhi would lose, but he looked down on people who looked down on Colonel Lus abilities.

Competition It was useless for Lu Xingzhi.

He was not Tianjin City Army and Jindo City Armys champion for consecutive years for nothing..

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