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It was no wonder that Jiang Yao always asked him to encourage Liang Yueze to look for Luo Ruoran.

She even goaded him so that Liang Yueze would not let her out of the country.

Finally, Liang Yueze chose to watch Luo Ruoran leave, but he did not do anything.

“Im not blaming you.

Im just asking.” Lu Xingzhi was afraid that Jiang Yao would overthink it, so he quickly explained.

People said that pregnant women were sensitive and sentimental.

It was easy to imagine things with just one sentence.

Jiang Yao nodded.

“When Zhou Weiqi gets married, I should change how I address Ruoran as Sister-in-law, right”


Lu Xingzhi sneered at the thought of Liang Yueze showing off his son.

Have you seen Big Brothers son Does he look like Big Brother”

“The baby is still too young, and Ive never seen pictures of Big Brother when he was young.

Even so, I still think that he looks like him.” Jiang Yao had delivered many children.

However, it was rare to see a baby so fair.

Luo Ruoran must have had a lot of nutritious food when she was pregnant, so the babys hair was jet-black and beautiful, and his eyes were like beautiful black gems.

“I must eat more grapes so childrens eyes will be as beautiful as grapes.” Jiang

Yao touched her belly and said, “I feel curious when I see Sister Ruorans baby.

I also want to see if our child looks like you or me.”

‘Maybe dont have the baby that early.” Lu Xingzhi was afraid.

He had been frightened when he heard about Luo Ruorans accident, so he did not want Jiang Yao to have early labor.

He just wanted to let nature take its course.

The baby should come when Jiang Yaos pregnancy reached the due date.

Jiang Yao would suffer less, and the child would be healthy.

Time flew by as they talked.

It was as if they had shortened the journey home.

Before long, they had reached the army base entrance.

Jiang Yao jumped down from the jeep and even smiled at Lu Xingzhi.

When she saw Lu Xingzhi frown, she realized that she was pregnant.

She always forgot that she was a pregnant woman.

Lu Xingzhi was about to say something nice to Jiang Yao, but he suddenly heard someone calling him Uncle Lu, so he turned around to take a look.

“Its those kids,” Jiang Yao exclaimed.

It was Saturday.

Even though those kids did not have classes, it was still strange for them to be at the army base..

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