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Before Jiang Yao left the hotel, she called Liang Yueze to inform him of her return to the country.

After Mrs.

Luo found out, she asked the Luo familys driver to send Jiang Yao and her team to the airport.

It was a direct flight; they finally reached their airport in seven hours.

The slow-paced Jiang Yao was like a strange creature in the crowd of rushing passers-by.

Big Ke helped her carry her luggage while she lowered her head and took out her phone to text Wen Xuehui to let her know she was safe.

“Director Jiang, Young Master Lu is at the exit.”

Big Ke pointed at the figure at the exit and teased in a low voice, “Hes staring at you.”

After Big Ke finished speaking, Lu Xingzhi, who was waiting outside, shouted in Jiang Yaos direction from afar, “Yaoyao.”

He waved at her; perhaps he was afraid she would not see him.

Jiang Yao looked up when she heard him.

Lu Xingzhi was tall, and he stood up straight at the exit.

However, he attracted many peoples attention due to his military uniform.

At that moment, he was one of the ordinary folks.

Jiang Yaos eyes sparkled, and she could not hide her smile.

She put the phone into her pocket, quickened her pace, and walked toward Lu Xingzhi.

“Slow down, watch where youre going.”

Lu Xingzhis heart almost jumped out of his throat when he saw Jiang Yao slowly running toward him.

The airport was crowded, and he was afraid someone would bump into her.

‘Young Master Lu, this is Director Jiangs luggage.

Ill leave it with you.” Big Ke and Ah Lu followed closely behind, smiling as they handed the luggage to Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao returned to Lu Xingzhis side.

Lu Xingzhi nodded as he reached out to take Jiang Yaos luggage.

She did not have much stuff because she did not have the time to go anywhere.

“Lets go home.”

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yaos luggage in one hand and her hand in the other.

A child on the side kept staring at Lu Xingzhi.

When Lu Xingzhi went to hold Jiang Yaos hand, he turned to his mother and said, “Mom, look at that man holding that womans hand.

Is she his girlfriend Are they in a relationship”

Lu Xingzhi touched the tip of his nose and thought,Do all overseas children know so much

However, he was wrong.

Lu Xingzhi turned to the child and said, “She is my wife..

Do you understand”

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