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Chapter 1923: He Looks Like Me

Lu Xingzhi was speechless.

He had been envious when he heard that the baby weighed four kilograms.

However, he calmed down when he remembered that Jiang Yao was also pregnant.

Then, Lu Xingzhi snapped back to his senses.

Lu Xingzhis smile gradually widened as she listened to Liang Yuezes words on the phone.

Lu Xingzhi might not have known about it in the past, but he was gradually getting familiar with pregnancy.

He had read so many books on pregnancy during those few days.

“Big Brother, most full-term babies dont even weigh four kilograms.”

Lu Xingzhi did not say it directly.

Instead, he gave Liang Yueze a hint to figure it out himself.

Liang Yueze was stunned.

A few seconds later, the phone in his hand dropped with a thud.

Liang Yueze knew that full-term meant nine months of pregnancy.

Therefore, if a full-term baby weighing more than four kilograms was considered rare, how could Luo Ruoran give birth to such a big baby in just three to four months of pregnancy

Liang Yueze had a thought that shocked him.

He picked up his phone and dialed Lu Xingzhis number.

He asked, “What are your wifes symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy”

“She ate and slept more, gained weight, and had a glow.”

Lu Xingzhi felt that Jiang Yaos pregnancy symptoms were incredibly reassuring.

“But some pregnant women have massive symptoms in their early stages of pregnancy.

They might have poor appetites, cant stand some smells, and are lethargic.”

Lu Xingzhi knew those symptoms like the back of his hand.

Do not ask him how he knew all that; just ask him which books were in his study room and what he did not mention.

“When she and I divorced, she seemed tired and sleepy.

She slept early and woke up late, and sometimes during the day, she looked like she hadnt slept enough.

She seems to have avoided

eating with me.

I heard the servants mention that she did not have a good appetite.

Liang Yuezes voice began to tremble.

“So, are you saying that she had my baby”

Even though he did not want to admit it, Lu Xingzhi had no choice.

“Yes, my wife must have hinted at you when she told you that.”

Lu Xingzhi did not want to admit it.

He wanted to deny it because he would be the first to become a father if he did.

He would lose to Liang Yueze that day.

The two men talked about various issues regarding babies.

Liang Yueze hailed a cab and went straight to the hospital.

When he arrived, Luo Ruoran had not woken up yet.


Luo was taking care of Luo Ruoran and the baby.

‘Yueze, why are you here”

When Liang Yueze entered the room, Mrs.

Luo subconsciously turned her head to look at the baby in the crib and hurriedly pulled the blanket.

However, no matter how fast Mrs, Luo was, she was no match for Liang Yuezes eyes,

“Mom, Im just here to see the baby and Ruoran.”

Liang Yueze spoke to his mother-in-law as smoothly as he could, as if he was still the Luo familys son-in-law.

He pretended as if he had not seen what Mrs.

Luo did.

He walked to the side of the crib and reached out to poke the babys face.

Gently and carefully, he said, “Hes handsome.” Mrs.

Luo nearly choked.

Sure enough, she heard Liang Yueze say, “He looks like me!”

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