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Everyone in the medical community should have heard of the Divine Doctor.

In addition to the fact that anti-stress medicine had attracted the worlds attention, Jiang Yao felt that there was no reason they would not know of the Divine Doctor.

After the other doctors left, Jiang Yao quickly moved Luo Ruoran to the medical system.

The baby showed signs of bleeding, but the baby was strong because of prenatal care.

Luo Ruorans situation was caused by her fall.

As soon as Jiang Yao entered the medical system, she quickly called for the System Admin to be her assistant.

Jiang Yao was quite experienced in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology.

She and Wen Xuehui worked as doctors in a small town in her previous life.

She had dabbled in almost all kinds of diseases and treated them too.

She and Wen Xuehui had also delivered many children for the women in the village.

With the help of the medical system, Jiang Yao quickly stopped the bleeding.

Without any hesitation, she immediately performed a c-section on Luo Ruoran.

Time seemed to pass by very quickly.

She did not have the extra energy to pay attention to time.

However, it was a torturous wait for Mrs.



Luo looked at her watch repeatedly.

She looked in the direction of the operating theater.

It was as if a long time had passed each time she raised and lowered her head.

However, it had only been about five minutes.

After more than an hour, Jiang Yao transferred Luo Ruoran and her baby out of the medical system.

“Its a boy.

He weighs about four kilograms, and hes very strong.

The labor had been difficult for Ruoran.” Jiang Yao could not put the baby down.

“Dont worry, Auntie.

Ruoran is fine, but she hasnt woken up yet.

Well take her to the ward now.”


Luo looked at the child in Jiang Yaos arms, and her eyes immediately reddened.

“1m glad to hear that shes fine.”


Luo clasped her hands together, and her heart calmed.

Before Jiang Yao came out of the operating theater, the nurse had asked her to sign a consent form for the surgery.

She had also asked them to save her daughter.


Luo wanted a grandson, but her daughter was even more important to her.

She only had one daughter, and she had nurtured her well.

Whenever she thought about her daughters suffering in the operating room, she wished she could go in and help her.

‘Wheres Uncle Luo Is he here” Jiang Yao handed the baby in her arms to Mrs.



Luo explained, “He was in Jindo City when the accident happened, so its only me.

He should be on a plane right now.”

Then, she looked lovingly at the child in Jiang Yaos arms, but she sighed.

“This child looks too much like his father.

Theyre practically two peas in a pod.

Ive seen pictures of Yueze when he was a newborn.

He looks just like this.

This childs facial features also resemble his father.”

It was not a bad thing for a child to resemble his father, but the situation was not the same for Luo Ruoran..


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