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“Yes, yes, yes.

Wait for me.

Ill have to learn from you,” Jiang Yao said, amused.

However, Luo Ruoran was right.

Even though she was a doctor, she did not have as much experience as Luo Ruoran.

Someone contacted the research institutes and their governments to ask for a hefty ransom, or they would kill all those individuals.

Jiang Yao could hear people discussing it all across the departure hall.

She did not pay much attention to it.

Then, someone mentioned Changkang Group.

They said that it was a stroke of luck that Changkang Groups team had been chased away by the organizers.

Jiang Yao dialed Luo Ruorans number before boarding the plane, but no one answered.

She assumed Luo Ruoran was sleeping, so she ignored it.

In any case, she already knew Luo Ruorans address.

She would phone her when she got off the plane.

It would be nice to surprise Luo Ruoran.

Jiang Yao dozed quickly during the two-hour flight.

The plane touched down safely on the ground.

She called Luo Ruoran after she got her luggage.

That time, someone answered Luo Ruorans phone, but it was not Luo Ruoran.

Instead, it was Luo Ruorans husband.

“Ruoran had an accident two hours ago and was sent to the delivery room.

Shes still in the delivery room.”


Jiang Yao almost hurled her phone out the window.

How could she be in an accident She had been perfectly fine.

Was it for real What had happenedWhich hospital is she in Im at the airport.

Ill get a cab and head there right away.”

Luo Ruoran had been fine when Jiang Yao called her the previous day.

She did not expect something to happen to Luo Ruoran in just one day.

“Its a difficult birth.

The doctors in the hospital are doing their best to save her, but they might not be able to save the child.”

Even though Jiang Yao had never seen Luo Ruorans husband, she could hear the anxiety in the mans tone.

“Tell me the address, and Ill go there immediately.”

Jiang Yao frowned and turned around to speak with Big Ke.

“We have to rush to the hospital.”

The three drove to the airport in a cab.

They urged the cab driver along the way and finally arrived at the hospital in half an hour.

If not for her stomach, Jiang Yao would have flown into the operating theater.

“Whats the situation How long has she been in there Did the doctor say anything”

Jiang Yao saw Mrs.

Luo, who thought she had seen her savior.

“Yaoyao, please save Ruoran.

It doesnt matter if the child is gone.

My daughter must live.”

“Auntie, dont worry.

Ill find the doctor to understand the situation.” When Jiang Yao saw a nurse come out of the delivery room, she immediately walked toward the nurse and asked, “Hows the situation with Luo Ruoran Tell me the specifics now.

Im also a doctor..

The more detailed, the better!”


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