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Chapter 1915: Being In-laws

After Jiang Yao finished speaking, she did not give Lu Xingzhi a chance to speak.

“Well, Ill call you when Ive booked my flight back.

Im having breakfast now.

I wont talk to you anymore.

Im hanging up.”

Then, Jiang Yao quickly hung up the phone.

If she did not do that, Lu Xingzhi would make his displeasure known.

However, Lu Xingzhi still expressed his dissatisfaction with her.

“Two days, max.

Ill pick you up at the airport in two days.” Lu Xingzhi sent Jiang Yao a text message.

Jiang Yao had just finished reading it when a new text message came in a few seconds later.

It was still from Lu Xingzhi.

“Be reasonable.

Youre my wife.

Why are you always accompanying others”

Jiang Yao put her phone aside and pretended not to see that complaint.

‘Oh, yes! Director Jiang, your friend is incredible.

He was even aware of such news ahead of time.

Does he know anyone capable of such a big thing Qiong Hui was intrigued by the identity of the mastermind behind the incident.

“Have you not heard that curiosity kills the cat The more one knows, the faster one dies.

“Jiang Yao knocked Qiong Huis head.

Then, she put down her spoon and took her phone into the room.

She had already finished her breakfast, but Wen Xuehui was still sleeping.

She hugged the blanket and had no intention of waking up.

Wen Xuehui was extremely capable.

When it was time for class in the morning, she could sleep in until the hour was right and then ring step into the classroom.

She could sleep till noon when it was not time for class, and no one could wake her up.

Jiang Yao sat on the edge of the bed and pulled at her quilt for a long time without waking her friend up.

In the end, Jiang Yao, who had wanted to wake Wen Xuehui up, almost fell asleep when she saw Wen Xuehui sleeping so deeply.

Jiang Yao thought that anyone who had insomnia in the future could watch Wen Xuehui sleep.

It had a miraculous effect on insomnia.

After failing to awaken Wen Xuehui, Jiang Yao returned downstairs to phone Luo Ruoran and informed her that she would be visiting her.

Luo Ruorans due date was still some time away, so she was overjoyed when she heard Jiang Yao was on her way.

‘Come on over.

Let the babies in our bellies say hello for the first time.

They might become good siblings in the future, and we have a boy and a girl, we might get to be in-laws too!”

Luo Ruoran was delighted with her arrangement.

They should get a good match for their childrens future.

They should be the ones to nurture their children.

“Thats not a bad idea, but you have to come home.

Otherwise, Lu Xingzhi will never agree to that.

If I have a son, he can marry your daughter.

Then, shouldnt you come home to enjoy life If I have a girl and you have a son, Lu Xingzhi will never let her leave his side to live abroad.

He is also a soldier, so he cant travel so casually.”

“The future is still so far away.”

Luo Ruoran smiled and said, “I am now on maternity leave.

I am making preparations to take care of myself.

It is good that you are here to accompany me.

I can also share my experience with you.

Even if you are a doctor, I definitely have more experience than you.

I‘ .

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