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Chapter 1909: Ill Apologize To Her

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“Let her come, then.

When she comes, Ill apologize to her.” Gu Haoyu expressed to Jiang Yao his sincere desire to apologize to Wen Xuehui.

Jiang Yao no longer dared to trust Gu Haoyu completely.

Who knew if he would anger Wen Xuehui again

Jiang Yao took out her phone and dialed Wen Xuehui after noticing Gu Haoyu was not joking.

She did not inform Wen Xuehui that she would remain at Gu Haoyus residence; she said she would stay with her that night.

Wen Xuehui agreed without asking any more questions.

Coincidentally, her afternoon class had ended, so she said she would pack her things and wait for Jiang Yao at the school gate.

“Xuehui has agreed.” Jiang Yao patted Gu Haoyus shoulder.

“I dont have many friends.

I only have one good friend.

You shouldnt bully her that much.”

Lin Techeng and the others laughed.

No one would believe that someone with a cold personality would do such a childish thing.

Then, Lin Techeng asked the question that he had been holding back for a long time, “Director Jiang, did something happen Why did you decide not to participate in that conference at the last minute

“Ah” Xiao An looked confused.

‘Werent you angry”

Qiong Hui knocked on Xiao Ans head.

“Does she look like someone impulsive” Qiong Hui also only snapped back to his senses just then.

“What happened”

Gu Haoyu asked, “Didnt you think highly of that conference It is quite a well-known event, and your attendance could be beneficial to your research institute.

Every industry has its own heavyweight conferences, which are usually very useful for researchers.

You can learn much new knowledge from elites of the same industry.”

Gu Haoyu was also an academic and research person, so he knew a little about that.

When he heard Jiang Yao say that she would not attend the conference, he thought she was being childish.

“Ive received news that someone is targeting that conference.

Someone is going to make a fortune from that meeting.” It did not matter if she told them anyway.

“Nothing is more important than our own safety, so I only used that as an excuse to leave the hotel.”

“What do you mean by being targeted”

Qiong Hui was frightened.

“Who gave you the information Is it credible For such a meeting, the local government must have assisted in security details.

After all, the participants are all elites, and many of them have contributed to the countrys development.

The government would protect those people.” Gu Haoyu was also dumbfounded.

Who had such great ambition and the ability to do something to that meeting

Gu Haoyu could not imagine anyone wanting to go against that powerful country.

“Cheng Jinyan told me.”

“The Chen family Well, then it should be credible.” Gu Haoyu did not say anything more when he heard that.

The Cheng family would only want the best for Jiang Yaos well-being and would not do anything to jeopardize her future.

If Cheng Jinyan said that, then it seemed like someone was really targeting that conference.

Gu Haoyu guessed that the person would earn a huge profit if he were to succeed.

The various researches sent to the conference would be worth a lot of money if they were sold..

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