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Chapter 1906: Confidence

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“Confidence Confidence How could a brand-new research institute use the word confidence What were the Changkang Research Institutes accomplishments Would they receive an invitation if not for their connection to the Divine Doctor The organizers invitation was only for the late Divine Doctors cause.

Those young individuals are too arrogant to do that since they benefited from the Divine Doctors anti-stress medicine.

They even walked away from the conference.

With their young ages and abilities, I am afraid they will not appreciate the significance of this meeting.” The Jiuli Research Institutes team members snorted coldly.

They believed that Changkang Research Institutes team members thought too highly of themselves.

The new research institute had not made any accomplishments of its own.

If it were them, they would look for more opportunities to collaborate with other significant research institutes to improve their qualifications.

However, that group of young people left because they did not like the food.

They even said that they would not attend the conference.

They could definitely get fired once they returned home.

Jiang Yao left the restaurant with her team, but the voices in the restaurant did not escape her ears.

Jiang Yao scoffed with unparalleled scorn when she heard those people say that her team would be fired.

Changkang Research Institute was still new.

If it were someone else, their priority would be to look for support from more prominent institutions.

However, Jiang Yao was Changkang Groups boss.

She did not need to do that at all.

Who else in the medical world was more prominent than her

She had the medical system, Lin Techeng, and the others.

Changkang Group would grow eventually.

One day, those old people who looked down on them would not even have the right to look at her.

Even though Lin Tengcheng did not know why Jiang Yao suddenly changed her mind and wanted to withdraw from the meeting, he followed her lead.

It was not until he got out of the elevator and arrived at their room that he looked at Jiang Yao.

He gave her a questioning look.

“Get your stuff.

We will gather back here in three minutes.

Then, we will go to the front desk to check out.

There will be a car at the hotel entrance to pick us up and arrange for us to stay at another hotel.” Jiang Yao was unsure if there were eavesdroppers there, so she did not explain too much.

After she finished speaking, she took the lead in returning to her room.

Fortunately, she was on the phone with Lu Xingzhi when she reached her room, so she did not have time to unpack.

So, she only needed to take her luggage and leave.

Lin Techeng and the others were also very quick.

They knew they only had three minutes, and when the time was up, everyone had left their rooms.

The organizers were furious.

Perhaps it was because no one had humiliated them like that before.

So, not a single staff member was there to apologize to Jiang Yao when they checked out.

No one asked them to stay either.

Some even pretended to sit in the lobby and chat.

They were to see if Jiang Yao had really left with her team.

Jiang Yao and the others returned their room cards to the front desk.

They waited for the car Gu Haoyu had arranged for them as those who pretended to be passers-by left the lobby in a hurry to report about that..

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