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Chapter 1905: Temporary Withdrawal

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They did not have to take care of everyone, but they should pay extra attention to those with special circumstances, right

Pregnant women could not eat many kinds of food, and Lin Techeng had even informed them of the special circumstance.

However, it seemed like they did not care about that at all.

Perhaps they did not even care if they chose to eat the food or not.

If they did not want to eat it, then so be it!

Jiang Yao frowned as she scanned the area within a four-kilometer radius.

Needless to say, that scan did not matter.

She saw too many guns.

Aside from a fraction of the police officers protecting the conference, many others hid their guns in discreet places.

Even though those people were not near the hotel, their presence made Jiang Yao realize that Cheng Jinyan was telling the truth.

Jiang Yao immediately took out her phone and called Gu Haoyu.

“Second, Brother, please arrange for a car to immediately pick me up at the hotel.

I wont be attending this meeting.”

Jiang Yao glanced at Xiao An, who was negotiating with the waiter, and shouted, “Xiao An, theres no need to argue with them.

Lets go.

We wont be attending this meeting.”

Xiao An and the others were stunned, They were surprised and shocked,

“Director Jiang, are you joking” Qiong Hui asked.

“The organizers obviously dont take us seriously.

They treat us so lightly.

Why are we still here” When Jiang Yao looked at the food on the table, the organizers mistake became the best excuse for her to refuse to attend that meeting.

To say that the organizer was not serious in accommodating their requests was a small mistake, but to say that it was a small mistake was treating it lightly.

When Jiang Yao spoke, she gave Lin Techeng a look.

Although Lin Techeng did not understand what Jiang Yao meant and why she said she would not attend the meeting in front of so many people in the restaurant, he did not ask any more questions, He immediately followed Jiang

Yaos lead and pretended to be furious.

Jiang Yao and Lin Techengs words and actions stimulated Xiao An and Qiong Huis mood.

When those two left with Jiang Yao and Lin Techeng, they wore an expression that said they would rather be killed than humiliated.

The news of the four people angrily leaving the restaurant quickly attracted the entire restaurants attention.

The people from other research institutes, who were sitting a few miles away, curiously asked the waiter what had happened.

The waiter explained that there was a pregnant woman, and she was furious about the food arranged by the organizer.

Therefore, she left with her team.

Then, the waiter said, “The person in charge of the meeting did indeed overlook it.

The person in charge asked us to prepare many dishes with a spice that pregnant women should not even eat.

Fortunately, shes a doctor and knows about it.

What if an uninformed customer ate it What are the consequences for that”

“They could have asked to change the menu.

These young people are so bad-tempered.

This is such an important meeting, but they left because they had a problem with a few dishes.

Are they crazy”

“No, this is about respect,” the waiter explained very seriously.

“1 can understand their anger.”

After all, it was not just about pregnant women and children.

It was also about the respect and courtesy they should receive.

“Thats true.

A staff member from another research institute nodded in agreement.

“The organizers handled this rather inappropriately.

Young people are very passionate.

Its normal for them to withdraw from the meeting because they cant stand that anger.

Changkang Research Institute has the confidence to challenge the organizers.”.

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