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Chapter 1903: Deserved To Die

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“Those who arrived first were judging us.” They were taking their sweet time at the signing board.

They knew that Jiang Yao and the rest were waiting for their turn, but they did not even try to hurry.

The staff thought that Jiang Yao and her team were just assistants, and those people did not even try to help us clarify the situation.

Jiang Yao thought that they were rude.

However, things worked out in the end.

“Later, as the reporters swarmed toward us, even the Jiuli Research Institute employees were enraged.

I felt inexplicably happy and terrified at the same time due to the crowd.”

“Jiuli Research Institute and Lin Techengs previous employer have a collaboration, and its a long-term partnership, so its normal for them to do that on purpose,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“It doesnt matter if they look down on the Changkang Group.

They cant represent your circle, and they cant represent medical science by denying your achievements and efforts.

But it looks like those reporters like Changkang very much.”

If Lu Xingzhi had to say anything, it would be that the people at the Jiuli Research Institute looked down on the people his wife valued because she was a powerful person.

“I also recently discovered that anti-stress medications are already well-known in other countries.

Those reporters have asked when that medicine will be available for global distribution.

But our factory is so small now,” Jiang Yao sighed sadly.

“We cant even keep up with local demands.

We must rely on our staff to do better.”

They could only consider a worldwide distribution once they had their factor up and going.

Anyway, Jiang Yao did not want that at the moment.

She did not plan to open a new factory overseas.

After all, she was lazy.

Lu Yuqing and Manager Sun were already busy with Changkang Group.

She did not want to increase their workload in a short period unless she was crazy.

‘Qian Zhibin committed suicide in prison,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“His courage is commendable.

Someone provided him with the tools, and he died to protect everyone.” “If he doesnt commit suicide, he wont have an easy life for the rest of his life anyway.”

Jiang Yao did not feel regretful about Qian Zhibin.

It was his own doing.

If Qian Zhibin felt any injustice, what about those people the Chai family trampled Were they not wronged

What about Xiao Cheng Was it fair for Xiao Cheng, who died an innocent and tragic death

Did Qan Zhibin not provide the tools that the Chai family used to commit crimes

They deserved to die.

Jiang Yao lay on the soft bed as she talked to Lu Xingzhi on the phone.

She did not even hang up when she heard the knock on the door.

Someone was there to remind Jiang Yao that it was about time for dinner.

Yes, it was indeed dinner time for Jiang Yao.

“The organizers had arranged a meal in the restaurant on the third floor.

The staff informed us that we could go down and eat.

They expected that wed be jet-lagged, so they arranged the meals accordingly.” It seemed like the organizers were quite reliable.

Jiang Yao suddenly felt hungry.

She hung up the phone before she knocked on Qiong Hui and Lin Techengs rooms with Xiao An.

The four of them waited for the elevator to take them to the restaurant on the third floor.

While waiting for the elevator, the phone in Jiang Yaos pocket suddenly rang.

Jiang Yao reached into her pocket.

First, she touched Moe.

She petted him before she took the phone..

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