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They were relieved that they never gave up.

They were relieved to have gotten a new boss.

A new boss who was generous, just concerned about money, and never gave them any advice.

She was also a boss who was very supportive and believed in them.

Jiang Yao had originally been prepared to wait for a long time.

After all, according to the historical trajectory, she had not interfered in advance.

The vaccine research should have taken another one or two years to conclude.

She did not expect Hong Ke to give her such a big surprise on that day.

Hong Ke said, “That is all thanks to the thief who stole our backup data and destroyed our experiments.

Later, we discussed it and decided to modify some data and methods.

YVho would have thought that it would give us a surprise instead Now, we only need to do the final phase of the test to see if the vaccine would cause side effects to the human body.

After the test is over, we can start looking for patients willing to accept the vaccine to be our first batch of test subjects.”

“0kay, you guys can arrange for two people to stay behind to prepare for the final phase of the test.

The rest of you will follow me overseas to participate in that conference.”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yao was even more excited than Hong Ke.

She immediately stood up and told Lu Yuqing the excellent news.

“Sister, the heavens are helping me!”

Jiang Yao felt that the heavens were probably helping her.

No one would criticize her at the conference, not when she had the vaccine research and anti-stress medicine.

“That is good! When Lin Techeng sent the summary of vaccine research and anti-stress drugs to the organizers, his old boss ridiculed him on the phone.

He said that Lin Techeng is only wasting Changkang Groups resources.

He also said that Changkang Groups boss is blind to let those young and insensible people mess around with the research.

He also said that he would see how Lin Techeng would present the value of the vaccine research to everyone at the conference.”

Ever since Jiang Yao accepted the conference, the research institute had been in constant contact with the organizers.

On behalf of Changkang Group, Lin Techeng had sent Changkang Groups first product on the market, the anti-stress medicine, and the summary of the vaccine research to the organizers.

Lin Techengs old employer might have learned about those things from the organizers, so he deliberately called Lin Techeng to mock those impulsive young researchers.

Those documents had nothing to do with the content of the research.

In addition, the primary purpose of the conference was to communicate, so the organizers did not keep the information that everyone sent confidentially.

Those who were on good terms with the organizers could see the information sent by the invitees before the conference officially began.

Following the excellent news, Jiang Yao and Lin Techeng were incredibly excited after two consecutive days of preparation.

Hong Ke stayed behind in the laboratory with Xiao Yuan to conduct the follow-up tests.

Jiang Yao took Lin Techeng and the other two to the city where the conference was held.

When they stepped off the plane, they were greeted by an organizing team member waving a sign with Changkang Groups name.

The person was a tall and attractive young woman in her twenties with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Even Jiang Yao could not help but take a few more glances when she saw the individual.

The foreign girls skin was flawless, and her eyes were stunning.

She shifted her gaze to Qiong Hui and Lin Techeng.

As expected, both of their eyes lit up..


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