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Chapter 188: Auto-scanning

“Thats quite awesome.” Jiang Yao changed her views on this Medical System once again.

The information in the Complete Herbology Collection and Pharmaceutical Collection were very complete.

Jiang Yao had initially thought that most of the stuff was useless because they could not be found in this world.

Surprisingly, the herbs stated in the Complete Herbology Collection and Pharmaceutical Collection were all found in the lab and she could use it to her hearts content.

With that said, the medicine that she produced in the lab of the system could be used in real life by taking it out from the system.

Jiang Yao was really excited about that.

“Mistress, you must believe that the Medical System is invincible.

It can bring you endless glory and benefits.” The System Admin was exultant.

If it had a tail, it would probably wag it around in joy.

The System Admin paused when it said that.

Just when Jiang Yao was about to exit the system, the System Admin suddenly added, “What a pity, the medical equipment of the hospital you are at now is too outdated.

If this patient is in our Future Galaxy, her legs can fully recover and she can walk normally within half a year.

We can treat her intracerebral hemorrhage with our advanced nanolaser technology.

Its not painful at all and can be done in a few seconds.

The cure of her internal organs is easier, she only needs to consume medicine for a few days and shell recover!”

After it finished talking, it was probably afraid that it would make Jiang Yao feel defeated, so the System Admin quickly comforted her.

“Its okay, Mistress, dont give up.

When you have a solid grasp of our system, you will be able to cure patients like that too.

By that time, you will become a legend of the medical field!”

Jiang Yao really wanted to give the System Admin a word: Bragging.

However, she felt that the System Admin was probably telling the truth.

After all, Moe had mentioned before that the people in Future Galaxy lived very long lives and they had advanced technology as well.

The medical standards in the Future Galaxy might be just as miraculous as how the System Admin had described it to be.

Looking at the exhilarated System Admin, Jiang Yao decided to try producing some medicine in the lab when she had the time, at the very least, to cure Mrs.

Chens spleen.

After some thought, Jiang Yao prepared to exit the system.

Just then, a thought struck her and she suddenly paused, astounded.

“You can see Mrs.

Chens health condition!”

Jiang Yao was not only astounded, she was shocked to the extent that her jaw almost hit the ground!

She had not mentioned Mrs.

Chens condition to the System Admin, much less the existence of Mrs.

Chen! However, the System Admin could see Mrs.

Chen and describe her condition clearly.

“Mistress, our system has an auto-scanning function!” The System Admin twisted itself awkwardly.

“The hospital in the Future Galaxy does not have a sophisticated checking system.

When a patient arrives at our hospital, they will only need to be scanned by a scanner system.

It can scan the patients conditions correctly.

Our system is more advanced than the equipment at the hospital in Future Galaxy.

Mistress, you can use the systems auto-scanning function to scan the people within your sight whenever you like.”

“It seems like Moe has given me a treasure.” Jiang Yao was speechless due to her astonishment.

With such an advanced system, she could save a lot of the time that was spent on checking patients during accidents.

Sometimes when she was rescuing patients, she was racing with the Grim Reaper every single second, saving people from the hands of Hades.

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“Mistress, our lab has the most advanced equipment and you can use all of them.

As long as you ensure the safety and secrecy of everything here, you can use the facilities of our lab in real life.

By activating the whole systems grade and authority, you can even bring a person into the lab for treatment.

Mistress, dont you worry, the patients who are treated in the lab will lose their memory of their treatment in the lab when they leave.” The System Admin was getting more and more excited.

After it finished, it looked at Jiang Yao with a triumphant expression, as if it wanted her praises.

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