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Chapter 1880 As Long As Everyone Is Happy


Lu was a very open-minded person.

The Lu family had enough money, so they did not have to worry about having enough to raise their children.

They also did not have to be concerned about not having enough money to employ a servant to help the couple.

“Well, 20 years old is indeed a little young.

But fortunately, Yaoyao is sensible and has a stable personality.

She is not childish, so theres no need to worry about her behavior.

Its very common to give birth at 20 years old.” Mr.

Lu comforted his wife.

“Its okay.

It is a blessing to have children.

Now that shes pregnant, dont think too much.

If they are happy, well be happy as grandparents.

As long as everyone is happy, its fine.”


Lu was not a stubborn person.

After listening to her husbands suggestion, her heart also eased.

“Thats true.

Since Xingzhi is so happy that shes pregnant, he must really want a child.

It is very common for a girl to become pregnant at 20 and give birth at 21.” Mrs.

Lu nodded.

“Furthermore, theyre already married.

Theyre a legal couple.”


Lu was not conflicted when she considered the fact that she was about to have a grandson.

That was also due to the Lu familys more open-minded nature.

If it had been someone elses family, Jiang Yao might not be able to continue her education after marrying into her husbands family.

Even though the law stipulated that girls could only get married after they were 18 years old, it was normal for girls to get married and get pregnant early in a small town like that.

For someone like Jiang Yao, who got married at 18 years old, getting pregnant at 20 was considered normal.


Lu remembered her niece, who got married at 17 years old.

After she got married, her husbands family did not have any requirements for her.

The only thing they wanted was for her to give birth to a son as soon as possible.


Lus niece was similarly fortunate.

She became pregnant less than six months after her marriage and gave birth to a son on the first try.

Her husbands family lavished her with attention.

However, Mrs.

Lu was a highly educated person.

She disdained the kind of life where a woman was trapped in a family for the rest of her life.

Therefore, Mrs.

Lu did not have that many requirements for her daughter-in-law.

All seniors loved grandchildren.

“Rest early.

Tomorrow morning, we will go to the Jiang family to report the good news.” Mr.

Lu patted his wifes shoulder.

“He is an adult.

He knows how to take care of his wife.

Lets not worry about it.”

“Thats true.

Hes even making Yaoyaos supper himself.” Mrs.

Lu smiled and lay back down on the bed.

After a while, she felt troubled.

“Do you think we should inform the Cheng family about Yaoyaos pregnancy” Old Master Cheng and his son stayed at the Lu familys house for a few days.

He had left Mrs.

Lu with their contact details.


Lu said, “Its up to Yaoyao.

If Yaoyao doesnt say anything about it, then lets not mention it either.

After all, they had lost touch for 20 years.

It doesnt mean that everything is resolved.

Look at Yaoyaos relationship with her family.

Yaoyao is a child who values relationships very much.

In her heart, the Jiang family is her family.”

“Its all because of Old Madam Lin! How could she be willing to lose such a good granddaughter” Mrs.

Lu scoffed.

However, she also felt that it was fortunate that Old Madam Lin had lost Jiang Yao, which was how she ended up with her family.

That gave Lu Xingzhi the chance to meet and marry her.

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