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Chapter 1877 Its A Son

Did he assume it so casually

Did he guess that his wife had asked him to touch their son


That was the answer, right What did his wife say

First, she kissed him, and then she said that that was the reward for guessing correctly.

He had casually guessed correctly, and he felt amazing.

He had guessed it right.

He had guessed it right.

He had freaking guessed it right!

“Are you speechless” Jiang Yao stretched out her hand and waved it in front of Lu Xingzhis eyes.

“Are you speechless”

Only then did Lu Xingzhi snap back to his senses.

He looked at Jiang Yao with a slightly dazed gaze.

He stuck out his tongue and licked his lower lip.

Then, he held the hand in front of his eyes.

“Are you joking with me”

Jiang Yao was so angry that she laughed.

Did he think that she would joke about that kind of thing

If he wanted to make her angry, she could not get mad at all.

“Ill give you another chance! “Jiang Yao pulled Lu Xingzhis hand back.

“Your son is here.

Its been almost two months! Here, touch him.”

Lu Xingzhi touched her abdomen.

His eyes stared at Jiang Yaos lower abdomen as if he wanted to see his son.

“Im pregnant!”

Jiang Yao was excited.

She went into Lu Xingzhis arms.

“I dont know whether its a boy or a girl, but Im pregnant!”

“It must be a son!”

Lu Xingzhi replied without thinking.

“I know


His hand was on Jiang Yaos abdomen, and he could not bear to take it back.

He laughed like a fool.

“Son! Yaoyao, we have a son! We have a child!”

If one were to ask Lu Xingzhi how he was feeling, he could only say he would jump with excitement.

It was as if a huge pie had hit him, but the pie was too big.

He did not know how to hold it so that it would not be thrown away.

Jiang Yao tsked when Lu Xingzhi said that.

She had not even confirmed the gender of the child yet, but he was better than her.

He was confident that he was a son.

Then, Lu Xingzhi said, “I have to make supper for you.”

Pregnant people should not lose weight.

Lu Xingzhi still had some common sense.

“If youre hungry, then lets eat.

Youre pregnant now.

Youre not allowed to lose weight!”

“Yes! Lets eat! “Jiang Yao immediately sat up and nodded repeatedly.

She wanted to lose weight because she did not know that she was pregnant.

Of course, she wanted to eat!

“I want to eat noodles, eggs, ham, vegetables, and meat!” Jiang Yao was already so hungry that she could not stand it anymore.

She did not need to lose weight.

She suddenly felt that she was so hungry that she could eat an entire COW.

“Ill go downstairs and cook.

When its done, Ill bring it up for you.

Lie on the bed and dont come down.

Just wait here.” Lu Xingzhi lifted the blanket and got off the bed.

He put on his slippers and walked out the door.

Maybe it was because he was too excited, Lu Xingzhi slammed into the door when he wanted to open it.

There was a loud bang, and Jiang Yao felt pain when she heard it.

“Are you okay”

Jiang Yao was about to get down to look at Lu Xingzhi when he quickly turned around to stop her.

“Im fine.

Stay here and dont come down!”

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