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Chapter 1870 Journey

Lu Xingzhi had gone to help because of the severity of the situation there.

The rest of the issues were now left to the people of Lanning to handle.

What happened after that had nothing to do with him.

Jiang Yao raised her head and stared at Lu Xingzhi with tender eyes.

He must have been saved from the ruins.

Therefore, he most likely waited for her without leaving.

He looked like a fresh radish torn from a pile of soil, covered in dust.

Even though Jiang Yao wanted to kiss him right then and there, a neat freak like her could not locate a clean space to put her lips.

“I dont have anything else to do here.

Lets go back to the hotel.

You should go back and wash up.” Jiang Yao pushed Lu Xingzhi.

“Wait here.

Ill go and change my clothes.”

Jiang Yao dashed away after saying that.

She was back by Lu Xingzhis side in less than two minutes.

However, she had come out of the surgery room, so she smelled like disinfectant.

The Martyrs Mausoleum situation had been averted, but the entire Lanning was on high alert.

Ordinary Lanning residents might not be able to detect it, but Jiang Yao, a skilled observer, was able to identify certain plainclothes police officials and military.

Those individuals disguised themselves as pedestrians and mixed in with the crowds at the square, bus station, and other locations.

The next day, Lu Xingzhi borrowed a car from the Lanning army base and drove Jiang Yao to several tourist destinations.

Jiang Yao might not have been able to enjoy the majestic desert smoke for the rest of her life if it had not been for Lu Xingzhis spontaneous thought to bring her there.

It would be better to experience the shock in person, no matter how dazzling the words in the book were used to describe it.

The cars performance was excellent.

Furthermore, Lu Xingzhi was familiar with the location.

They were as free as a stray sand eagle in the desert.

Lu Xingzhi prepared adequate water and food in the car and warm bedding before he drove Jiang Yao into the desert for the night.

He wanted to see a different sunrise and sunset with her.

Lu Xingzhis mother often said that he was a tough man who could not care for Jiang Yao if they went traveling.

However, Lu Xingzhi attentively looked after Jiang Yao throughout the journey.

Lu Xingzhi was the type of person who avoided conversation.

He refused to reveal to Jiang Yao what he had prepared for her or what he had done.

He would only tell Jiang Yao if she needed something.

He took it from the trunk as if it were a magic act.

He was so meticulous that Jiang Yao was treated like a princess during the journey.

Other people lose weight when they travel, but Jiang Yao noticed that she gained weight on her ten-day journey.

There were no indications that she was unaccustomed to her surroundings.

Every day, Lu Xingzhi would get her the best local dishes and let her gorge herself.

Jiang Yaos tummy would swell with each meal.

She would occasionally wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

Lu Xingzhi would get up and bring her food, no matter how late it was.

Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao to see the desert, the most beautiful lake, and the greenest grassland.

He took countless photos of Jiang Yao.

Lu Xingzhi had planned for an eight-day vacation, but by the time they returned to Lanning, it was already the 11th day.

While Jiang Yao was having fun, many people in Lanning were hunting for the military doctor who had conducted the amputation and reconstruction surgery.

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