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Chapter 1862 Intelligence

Moe shook his head vigorously.

“Are they stupid Our future galaxy has never pursued eternal life because we know that we will die one day.

Birth, old age, illness, and death-that is in accordance with the laws of nature.

It is impossible for humans to resist the laws of nature.”

Even though a high-level pet butler like Moe had a longer lifespan than ordinary people, he would die one day.

“Normal people will never understand the thoughts of a madman.”

Jiang Yao thought that those people were terrifying.

The names of priests, elders, cult masters, and guardians sounded ridiculous; they were just like the words that were imagined by the young people who were mentally ill.

However, some people believed them blindly.

Lu Xingzhi passed Moes news to the people in the army.

Then, he took a call.

After he hung up the phone, he looked at Jiang Yao worriedly and said, “I have to go to the Martyrs Mausoleum to help.

I dont trust you to stay in the hotel alone.

Follow me.

Ill go to the Martyrs Mausoleum, and you can wait for me outside.

There will be military police protecting you there.”

Jiang Yao nodded in agreement.

She immediately put on her clothes, put Moe in her pocket, and left the hotel room with Lu Xingzhi.

When the two of them arrived at the hotel entrance, military vehicles were waiting for them at the entrance.

Along the way, Lu Xingzhi had been asking about clearing the bombs.

“The bombs at the entrance were cleared first, and then the rest were cleared out bit by bit.

Fortunately, homemade bombs are very easy to dismantle.

The experts saw about a dozen of them and said that we could dismantle them by cutting the red wire.

Those bombs are simple and easy to understand.

However, the Martyrs Mausoleum is too big, so it takes time and effort to find them all.” After the driver said that, his face was full of anger.

“When we catch those people, well tear them apart.

Well make them kneel in the Martyrs Mausoleum! How hateful! After we catch the mastermind behind the scenes, well make a statue of him and make his statue kneel at the entrance!”

Jiang Yao became suspicious when the soldier said that the handmade bombs could be simply dismantled by cutting the red wire.

However, she could not pinpoint exactly what was wrong.

Lu Xingzhi, on the other hand, pointed out what she could not figure out at the time.

“Inform those involved to be more cautious.

I feel that the men were different from the ones I met last time.”

“How are they different” the soldier asked.

Lu Xingzhi only said two words before he brought up the main point.




Jiang Yao slapped her thigh.

“The person who instigated that incident doesnt strike me as an ordinary criminal.

The explosion at the train station might even be a deliberate plan to divert your attention and attention! Once the bomb exploded at the train station, the military and police will only focus their attention on the train station.

Perhaps things would have happened according to their plan if I hadnt accidentally got the news here.”

Jiang Yao believed that handmade explosives were simple to destroy because they were different.

It was so simple that she felt skeptical.

“Its best to be careful.

Theres still plenty of time.

Tell everyone to identify whether every bomb is the same.” Lu Xingzhi agreed with Jiang Yaos guess and felt a sense of pride in his heart.

His wife was smart.

She understood everything at once.

Someone had accurately calculated the bombs blast radius.

That person must be someone intelligent.

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