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Chapter 1859 Dont Take Risks

If they wanted to blow up a place as big as the Martyrs Mausoleum, the target would be too obvious if they purchased the bombs through special channels.

Transporting them was also a risk, so Jiang Yao guessed that they had chosen to make their own bombs.

However, they must have had props that could be used to cover the homemade bombs—for example, a chemical factory.

Of course, the most likely one would be a firecracker factory.

Jiang Yao believed that Lu Xingzhi would be able to answer those questions if he wanted to.

Lu Xingzhi replied very quickly, “Dont take any risks.

Stay in your room and dont go anywhere.

Dont open the door for anyone.”

After Lu Xingzhi replied to the text, he said, “Ive already read my wifes text to you.

Now, you have to give me a solution immediately.

In three minutes, if the solution doesnt satisfy me, Ill use my own method to solve this matter.

But let me be blunt.

My wifes safety will be my top priority.”

“Can you ask Mrs.

Lu how she got that news Is there really a bomb buried in the Martyrs Mausoleum” A soldier was shocked by that news.

He was also furious.

“If its true, then those people are too vicious! They dont even spare the dead!”

Every soul in the Martyrs Mausoleum was a hero.

Those who worshiped them, those who remembered them, could not even bear to make a sound.

They were afraid of disturbing the sleeping souls.

However, what did those ignorant people plan to do They wanted to blow up the heroes final destination.

“You dont need to ask how my wife knew about it, but I can tell you that it must be true if my wife said it!” Lu Xingzhi did not know how to explain it, but he trusted Jiang Yaos judgment.

She knew how to differentiate between real and fake news.

After Jiang Yao received Lu Xingzhis message, she gave up on the idea.

She was prepared to risk everything to get what she wanted.

She was prepared to pretend to let them get what they wanted so that they could lead Lu Xingzhi and the others to their base camp.

However, Lu Xingzhis message reminded her that the last thing he wanted was for her to get close to danger.

Therefore, she texted Lu Xingzhi.


Then, she lifted her head to listen to the knocking on the door and sneered.

The people outside discussed it for a long time before preparing to have the waitress pretend to go into the room for cleaning.

They would knock her out and hide her in the cleaning cart.

The two men would take her and send her to their elder.

However, the men outside did not expect Jiang Yao to refuse to open the door.

The woman knocked on the door repeatedly and whispered about the hotels cleaning service.

When Jiang Yao heard that, she immediately shouted, “Are you done I already told you that I dont need cleaning in the morning.

Stop knocking on the door and disturbing my dreams.

Is that how your manager teaches you to annoy customers I want to complain to your manager about you!”

Jiang Yao decided to be unreasonable.

She called the front desk to complain that a cleaner kept knocking on her door and affected her rest.

The service of a high-class hotel was always better than that of an ordinary hotel.

As soon as Jiang Yaos call ended, someone immediately went to the room and took the waitress away for a lecture.

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