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Chapter 1858 Someone At The Door

When they were in the dormitory, Moe liked Wen Xuehui the most.

When Jiang Yao discussed the meeting with Lu Xingzhi, Moe was in Jiang Yaos pocket.

Jiang Yao did not say anything, but Moe knew who she meant when she mentioned a pretty lady.

He wanted to go if he could see Wen Xuehui.

Moe was about to stand up and express his love for Wen Xuehui to Jiang Yao when he suddenly turned toward the direction of the door.

His smile immediately turned into a frown.

“Theres someone at the door.”

A cats hearing was more sensitive than a humans.

The hotel room was not big, so any movement at the door could be detected immediately.

Jiang Yao used her vision to look at the door.

The first thing she saw was three people standing at the door.

One of them was a woman in a waitress uniform, and the other two were men in regular clothes.

“Did you find out that the couple at the Martyrs Mausoleum last night is staying in this room” one of the men asked the waitress.

The waitress nodded repeatedly and said, “Theyre here.

I checked the registration records.

One of them is called Lu Xingzhi, and the other is Jiang Yao.

Theres no mistake! That man is a soldier.

He must be the villain who participated in the massacre of our guardians and Master! We will capture that woman and give her to our elders.

The Elder Council will grant us eternal life.”

“What if we tie a bomb to her body and throw her into the crowded square, then detonate the bomb and watch her explode into minced meat, and the tourists in the square will die with her.

That will be great! All those who have offended us will be punished!”

The second person disagreed with that persons view.

He said, “I suggest tying her up and bringing her to the Martyrs Mausoleum.

We already have a bomb there, and we can tie it to her body.

Tonight, we will let her be destroyed along with those souls.”

Jiang Yao was a little surprised and even a little frightened.

When she and Lu Xingzhi were in the Martyrs Mausoleum, those people were also there.

They had planted a bomb there in an attempt to destroy it.

The third man seemed to think that his suggestion was quite good.

The more he spoke, the more excited he became.

“We might kill more people if we use her to lure troops to the cemetery.

Those soldiers are too despicable.

They dared to hurt our guardians and Master.

The gods will not let them off.”

After the three people discussed how to deal with Jiang Yao, they talked about how to kidnap her.

They did not know that she had heard their conversation.

Just as they discussed how to trick the woman out of her room and then take her away from that high-class hotel, Jiang Yao sent Lu Xingzhi a text message.

(Some of the cultists were at the Martyrs Mausoleum yesterday.

They brought a bomb, and they are prepared to detonate it tonight.

They mentioned some elders, perhaps people with power in the group.

This might be related to the explosion at the train station that the commander mentioned.]

Jiang Yao connected those bombs.

It would not be easy to find a bomb.

If they could not buy one through special channels, then they would have to make their own.

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