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Chapter 1849 Who Said That

“Why didnt you tell me to pay attention to my image and manners when you heard Ill be traveling abroad to attend such an important conference on behalf of the country To be honest, I am not used to it if you do not annoy me a little.” Jiang Yaos hand tugged at Lu Xingzhis sleeve even though she was no longer hugging him.

“You can do whatever you want.

Just come home to me as you are.” That was Lu Xingzhis only request for Jiang Yao.

He merely needed her to promise to return safely and undamaged.

As for attending that meeting, whatever she wanted to do was her prerogative.

Lu Xingzhi believed in Jiang Yaos worldview.

He believed she was not the type of person who would harm anyone else and bring shame to the country for her selfish desires.

Jiang Yao wanted to say something else, but Lu Xingzhi shoved her into the bathroom.

She knew Lu Xingzhi was anxious about how difficult the journey would be during those few days, so he did not want to torture her.

As a result, before she shut the bathroom door, she leaned in and asked, “Do you want to take a shower together”

As a result of being a slut, the man lost control.

He believed his wifes idea was incredibly fantastic.

Therefore, when dinner arrived, Jiang Yao sat on the bed and watched as Lu Xingzhi got dressed and went to open the door to get it.

After all, he was concerned about their journey, so he remained incredibly gentle even if he could not stop himself.

As a result, Jiang Yao did not consider it difficult.

She even thought it was enjoyable.

The dinner that Lu Xingzhi ordered was very light, so it did not satiate Jiang Yaos hunger.

Lu Xingzhi did not order too much for dinner.

The dinner was the same amount of food they usually ate at home.

However, Lu Xingzhi did not anticipate Jiang Yaos appetite.

It was most likely because she worked out before dinner.

Jiang Yao ate quickly because she was starving.

She even stared at Lu Xingzhis bowl after she finished eating, like a tiger watching its prey.

“Your speed of finishing dinner tonight is amazing,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“Thats because youve been texting on your phone,” Jiang Yao complained.

“Whom are you texting with You cant even eat properly during dinner.”

In other words, she complained that Lu Xingzhi did not take the time to take care of her when he was texting.

Usually, he would watch her eat.

He would even place food in her bowl if she gave him one look.

However, it was different that night.

Lu Xingzhi seemed to be attracted to his phone the entire time.

Although Jiang Yao did not say those words out loud, Lu Xingzhi could tell what she thought when he heard her grumpy tone.

“Well, you used to eat so little.

You usually stop eating quite quickly.

So, I have to watch what you eat,” Lu Xingzhi said.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“However, it looks like your appetite has improved.

You dont need me to watch you at all.”


Jiang Yao said, “You have to watch my appetite.

You cant let me eat too much!”

Then, Jiang Yao stood up angrily.

“You can eat by yourself.

Ill go to bed and lie down for a while!”

If she continued to sit there, she could not guarantee that she would not snatch his dinner.

She kept feeling as if she was not full.

Jiang Yao started to worry.

If she continued like that, she would definitely gain weight!

It was all Lu Xingzhis fault.

In the past, he was the one who kept coaxing her to eat more.

Since she was feeling better, she could not stop eating at all.

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