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Chapter 1847 To Go Or Not To Go

“I dont know much about that.

We cant find much information about that meeting, but the leaders have asked about it.

It shows that they really valued that meeting.

You can ask your mentor.” Before hanging up the phone, Lu Yuqing reminded them to pay attention to safety and rest.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yao immediately called Professor Ouyang.

As soon as the call connected, she asked, “Professor, what do you think about the meeting”

“Are you going If I go, Im just looking for trouble for myself.

Those foreigners are arrogant.

They always look down on us,” Professor Ouyang said.

Obviously, he was angry at the mention of that matter.

“I participated once.

When I left, I swore that Id call them uncle if I attended the event again.”

Jiang Yao could guess Professor Ouyangs anger that he would make such an oath.

Professor Ouyang said, “They discriminate against our countrymen and look down on us.

They thought that we were outdated in culture, technology, and research.

They even thought that we were lowly and that we would give in to their whims.

When I brought my first batch of students to participate, the organizers showed their contempt for us.

They even insulted our clothes, food, and accommodation.

They even put us in cheap accommodations.

So if you ask me, dont go.

They clearly took a fancy to your anti-stress medicine, and so they sent you an invitation for that.”

“But our countrys leaders seem to value the invitation very much.

They seem to hope that Changkang Group will participate,” Jiang Yao said.

“Of course, they hope that Changkang Group will participate.

Its a matter of pride.

After all, they arent the ones who will be bullied.

Who cares about them” Therefore, Professor Ouyang did not insist on Jiang Yaos participation.

He told her that they would look down on her.

“Whether you go or not is up to you.

You should think about it carefully.”

Then, Professor Ouyang hung up the phone.

Jiang Yao had no idea what to do, so she turned her gaze toward Lu Xingzhi and asked, “What should I do Should I go”

Lu Xingzhi was right next to her.

Therefore, he had heard what she had said to Lu Yuqing and the others on the phone.

“Its up to you.

If you want to go, you can go.” Lu Xingzhi did not care about that at all.

Jiang Yao thought for a moment and then raised her head.

“What should I do I feel like going, even after hearing what Professor Ouyang said.”

What right did those foreigners have to look down on their people What did they mean by outdated What cultures did they practice then

Their countrys science and technology were backward, so their research and development would be outdated too; even Jiang Yao had to admit that.

It was especially true in medical research; their country still had a lot to catch up on.

Even though the government had begun to support them, most of their talents had gone overseas.

Since Professor Ouyang had always rejected their invitation, it was no wonder that they had not sent any more invitations to anyone in their country.

“I just want to show them how powerful we are.

They should not think that we are as easy to bully as a hundred years ago.” Jiang Yao clenched her fists angrily.

“I want to avenge Professor Ouyang for what he had suffered!”

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