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Chapter 1845 Her Apology

Chen Feitangs voice was slightly choked with sobs.

“Because I was selfish and arrogant, Ive harmed Feibai, and Ive harmed you.

I also know that I have no right to ask anyone to forgive me for what Ive done.

But Im still very sorry.” After saying that, Chen Feitang dragged her suitcase and left, just like how she suddenly appeared and quickly left Jiang Yaos line of sight.

She was there to say that she was sorry.

Chen Feitang knew that if she had not revealed Jiang Yaos identity to Zhu Qianlan when she was in Rong County, the Zhu family would not have been able to figure out Jiang Yaos identity so easily.

She had been impulsive at that time, but she did not expect that she would cause such a huge danger to Jiang Yao later on.

Fortunately, Jiang Yao had averted the danger and was fine.

Chen Feitang understood that, aside from Jiang Yao, she had also wronged Chen Feibai, her cousin who had once wanted to be close to her, but she had pushed him away.

She had apologized to Jiang Yao, but what about Chen Feibai Chen Feitang believed she would never be able to compensate for the harm she had caused Chen Feibai.

When Lu Xingzhi came out of the bathroom, he saw Jiang Yao standing there in a daze.

He flicked the water from his fingertip onto Jiang Yaos forehead and asked, with a smile, “I only went in for two minutes, and youre already in a daze”

“Chen Feitang came to me just now and apologized very seriously and sincerely.” Jiang Yao snapped back to her senses, and she still felt horrified.

“Did I meet a fake Chen Feitang”

“Shes not a fake.

She just became sensible.” Lu Xingzhi patted Jiang Yaos head.

“Not all girls can be as sensible as you when they were young.” Jiang Yao smiled from ear to ear after Lu Xingzhi praised her.

“Why did she suddenly become sensible”

“I dont know.

Im not sure.

I dont know why she had a change of heart.” Lu Xingzhi did not care about the Chen familys matters, so he did not know either.

Everything he knew was just gossip that Zhou Weiqi had told him on the phone.

Zhou Weiqi said that Chen Feitang went to the higher-ups and admitted that she had committed a major mistake during the selection process and set fire to the mountain.

However, Old Master Chen stopped the investigation.

Therefore, even though Chen Feitang wanted to tell the truth, Old Master Chen had forcefully suppressed it.

Then, Chen Feitang applied for a transfer from the Jindo City Army to the Lanning Army without Old Master Chens knowledge.

At that point, why did Old Master Chen still stop her Jiang Yao did not understand.

“Even at that point, Old Master Chen still wanted to stop her.” Lu Xingzhi smiled.

“The Chen family is starting to decline.

Old Master Chen is afraid that the Chen family will be done at his hands.”

At the mention of the Chen family, Jiang Yao thought of Chen Xuyaos second uncle.

How would he handle the situation

Chen Xuyao said that his familys relatives had always been very united.

However, his second uncle had plotted to kill him more than ten years ago.

That was a significant blow to Chen Xuyao.

It was also a blow to everyone in the Chen family.

Therefore, when Chen Feitang said she would leave the Jindo City Army, Jiang Yao guessed that Old Master Chen would be so angry that he would have a heart attack.

“She will be in the Lanning army base, so you might not see her again.

If you want to speak to her, you should do it.

If you dont want to do that, then just leave it.” Lu Xingzhi did not force Jiang Yao to accept the apology just because someone apologized to her.

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