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Chapter 1842 Self-exile

“Mm.” Lu Xingzhi responded to Chen Feitang.

His demeanor was icy, and that was all he said.

When he met Chen Feitang, he was astonished at first, but then he realized it was a complete coincidence.

He had learned about Chen Feitang from Zhou Weiqi approximately a month ago.

Chen Feitang had applied to transfer out of the Jindo City Army to Lannings army behind Old Master Chens back.

Old Master Chen only found out about it after Chen Feitang was transferred.

He was so angry that he had chased Chen Feitang out of the Chen familys main gate.

The living conditions in Lanning were quite harsh, especially since the Lanning armys conditions could not be compared to those of the Jindo City army.

Everyone in the military base was taken aback by Chen Feitangs choice.

Chen Feitangs conduct could be compared to giving up all her prospects.

One could say she was self-exiled.

It was no surprise that Old Master Chen was enraged.

After all, Chen Feibai was gone.

The Chen family only had Chen Feitang, though she was a woman.

Old Master Chen had almost devoted his entire life to Chen Feitang.

Finally, Chen Feitang stated that she would leave Jindo City as soon as she could.

She already had her transfer order.

No one could change it.

Therefore, Chen Feitang should be reporting to the Lanning army then.

Coincidentally, she was on the same flight as Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao, and their seats were so close to each other.

After Lu Xingzhis reply, Jiang Yao subconsciously glanced at Chen Feitang behind her.

She thought that Chen Feitang would be angry at Lu Xingzhis indifference.

She thought the woman would be disappointed or sad.

However, she realized that Chen Feitangs face was expressionless.

She turned her head and looked out of the window as if she had not heard Lu Xingzhis reply.

That was very unusual.

It was so unusual that it did not seem like the Chen Feitang that Jiang Yao knew.

However, they also hated each other, so Jiang Yao did not pay more attention to Chen Feitang.

Lu Xingzhi asked the flight attendant for some fruits, and Jiang Yao happily ate them.

There were more types of fruits available on the plane during the summer, and Jiang Yao was in first class, so she naturally received better treatment than those in economy class.

The fruits on her plate were seasonal at the time-watermelon, melon, and a small handful of grapes and longans.

“Xingzhi, try it.

The melon is so sweet.” Jiang Yao chose a piece of melon with a toothpick and brought it to Lu Xingzhis mouth.

“Its even sweeter than the one you bought.”

“If you like them, eat more.

Lanning doesnt have many fruits.” Lu Xingzhi took a bite and turned his head.

Jiang Yao glanced at the melon in his mouth, and then she stuffed the rest into her mouth.

The corners of Lu Xingzhis lips curled slightly.

He did it on purpose, and her usual reaction pleased him.

Even though the two of them had done that countless times, Lu Xingzhi felt happy every time.

He liked to dote on her, watching her calmly push food toward him and watching her calmly devour the same food.

That should be the little quirk that he never mentioned to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao had no idea what Lu Xingzhi was thinking.

She only felt that the way Lu Xingzhi looked at her had suddenly become a little ambiguous.

She took a bite of the fruit, looked up at him, lowered her head to take another bite, and looked at him again.

Just like that, she ate almost all the fruits until there were only two grapes left on the plate.

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