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Chapter 1838 The Old Pickle

Lu Xingzhi loved Jiang Yao.

He had always thought that taking care of her was an exciting thing, so why would he be impatient because of some trivial matters Lu Yuqing sighed.

“Theres so much public display of affection wherever you two go.

Looking at the two of you makes people want to get married.”

“Who do you want to marry Huang Chengjing, that old pickle” Lu Xingzhi asked.

The old pickle was standing at the door, holding the hands of a little princess.

He looked gloomy.

“Dad, what does old pickle mean Is it so old that it doesnt taste good” Huang Chenchen asked her father innocently.

“Aunty said that old pickles dont taste good.

Why did Uncle Lu call you an old pickle” “Lu Xingzhi!”

Lu Yuqing glared at Lu Xingzhi when she saw Huang Chenchen standing there, asking a question that the adults could not answer.

“If you continue to spout nonsense again, I will teach you a lesson.” Lu Xingzhi did not expect Huang Chengjing to appear with a child so suddenly and happened to hear what he said about him.

It was embarrassing to speak ill of someone behind their back and be heard by the person involved.

However, Lu Xingzhi was thick-skinned and did not feel embarrassed at all.

“Does that mean something dirty”

Jiang Yao secretly tugged at the corner of Lu Xingzhis shirt and smiled wretchedly.

“Youre so talented.”

Lu Xingzhi said seriously, “Im just saying hes old.

What are you thinking about Pickle is just a metaphor, just like an old gourd, old potato, and old loofah.

The main point is the word old.

What are you thinking about”

It would be a lie to say that she believed him.

Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi before noticing the little girl, Chenchen, running toward her.

Jiang Yao turned around and reached out to Huang Chenchen to hug her, making the little girl giggle.

“Sister Jiang Yao, youve become beautiful!”

That was the first thing the little girl said after she finished laughing.

The little girl was young, but her words were like honey.

Jiang Yao asked, “Is Sister Yuqing more beautiful, or am I more beautiful” “Both of you are beautiful, more beautiful than Chenchen!”

Huang Chenchen blinked.

She did not fall for Jiang Yaos trick at all.

The little girl thought Lu Yuqing would be her mother in the future, and she felt that Lu Yuqing was more beautiful than Jiang Yao.

However, she could not say that because Jiang Yao would be unhappy if she said it.

The little girl looked at Lu Xingzhi when she noticed that Jiang Yao was happy.

The child was young, but she had a great memory.

It had been a long time since she had seen Lu Xingzhi, but she remembered him.

When she noticed Lu Xingzhi looking at her, the little girl was not afraid.

She smiled at him and shouted, “Good morning, Uncle Lu!”

Lu Xingzhi did not want to respond to the little girl.

Why did she address Jiang Yao as a sister but call him an uncle

However, Jiang Yao glanced at him.

His wife would definitely be unhappy if he made the little girl sad, so Lu Xingzhi responded perfunctorily.

As he looked at Huang Chenchens cute face, Lu Xingzhi thought his and Jiang Yaos daughter would be even better looking than Huang Chenchen.

In the future, he would teach his daughter to call Huang Chengjing a grandpa and see if he would continue to pester his sister.

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