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Chapter 1835 Nip The Problem In The Bud

In the end, Lu Xingzhi was still afraid that Jiang Yao had overeaten.

After they left the restaurant, he dragged Jiang Yao to a nearby shopping mall to take a walk.

He boughtJiang Yao two new dresses and then sent Jiang Yao back to the hospital about fifteen minutes earlier than expected.

Lu Xingzhi waited for Jiang Yao to push Du Chen into the operating theater for half an hour before leaving the hospital.

He even had Big Ke and Ah Lu guard outside the operating theater to prevent anyone from entering when he left.

After he left the hospital, Lu Xingzhi made a trip to the police station and had tea with the new chief, promoted by Chief Ye.

After a year, Chief Ye went to Yuan City, and another person was there.

Lu Xingzhi was there to pick up some information.

He did not plan to use the information he found the last time.

He had used another method to get Zhu Qianlan to leave the country.

He wanted to suppress the Zhu family completely, so the information he put there had a new use.

He had managed to break the Zhu family, bit by bit, in just half a month.

The familys head was also imprisoned for the kidnapping case.

Their name was ruined.

The Zhu family was a hundred-year-old aristocratic family, after all.

They had countless descendants, and some were quite promising too.

They reacted quickly to get out of the Zhu family.

However, Lu Xingzhi was not prepared to let those people go.

He had to nip the family in the bud so that they would not cause trouble again.

He knew what that meant.

The people in the Zhu family thought they were superior because of their status.

If he wanted to destroy that family, then he would have to eradicate them.

He did not want them to reclaim their position within a hundred years.

“Young Master Lu, with that information, two-thirds of the Zhu family members will be in prison for the rest of their lives.” They were a noble family, and the bigger they were, the more masterminds they had to do things no one knew about.

Not many of them could say that their hands were clean.

If they were not clean, Lu Xingzhi would have the tools to destroy them.

As for the Qian family, under the push of the Liang family and Chen Xuyaos parents, the familys elders had already given up on Qian Zhibin.

They even managed to get more information about other matters.

They were implicated in the Qian Zhibin and the Chai mother-daughter duo case, which had shocked the entire country.

The relationship between Qian Zhibin, Chief Chai, and their illegitimate child was also exposed.

After that matter was exposed, Qian Zhibins wife unilaterally announced in the newspapers that she would divorce him and leave Jindo City with her daughter.

Old Master Qian knew that he could not protect Qian Zhibin, so he put all his energy into protecting his sons illegitimate child.

Fortunately, that child had been sent abroad by Qian Zhibin very early on, and therefore, the problem did not bother him for the time being.

When Lu Xingzhi came out of the police station with the documents, he received a text message from Chen Xuyao.

He told him that Old Master Qian was rushed to the hospital because he was angry that Qian Zhibin had conspired with the foreign research institute to send people to steal the information from the Changkang Research Institute.

Old Master Qians only failure in his life was his son, Qian Zhibin.

Everyone cursed his name for not teaching his son well.

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