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“Im texting Wen Xuehui.

She said that she met Gu Haoyu at our university.

Gu Haoyu tried to talk to her, but she turned and walked away without looking back.

Gu Haoyu assumed she didnt see him and ran after her.

She ran away, and Gu Haoyu chased after her.

In the end, he got lost.”

Wen Xuehui also mentioned that having no sense of direction was some kind of disability, so they had to take extra care of people with that condition.

After Lu Xingzhi heard it, he only gave a faint reply.

He did not pay much attention to what Jiang Yao was texting.

He would admit that he had been concerned.

However, he was relieved when he knew that she was only texting Wen Xuehui.

He did not want to care about other peoples business when he was with Jiang Yao.

So, he put the newspaper aside.

Suddenly, he said, “Theres nothing to do here.

Lets do something to help with our digestion.

After all, youve eaten three bowls of oatmeal.

Im worried that youve eaten too much.”

“You want to drag me out for a walk on such a hot day”

Jiang Yao stood on the sofa with an expression that said she would rather die than go out.

She raised her finger and pointed at the window.

“Look at the sun.

Its like its alive.

Are you willing to drag me out to get a tan What if I get a tan What if I get a heat stroke You wont let me eat popsicles, but you want to drag me outside.

Lu Xingzhi, are you thinking about getting a new wife”

Lu Xingzhi looked at the woman standing next to him in her pajamas with her long, fair legs exposed.

She was criticizing him with a face full of righteous indignation, and the corners of his lips curled into a smile.

“Dont play dumb.”

His voice trembled slightly.

“You know what Im talking about

The expression on Jiang Yaos face fell, bit by bit.

A few seconds later, she held the back of the sofa and ran a few steps backward.

She grabbed the pillow and threw it at Lu Xingzhi.

Then, she jokingly scolded him, “Hooligan!”

Lu Xingzhi reached out and grabbed the pillow that flew toward him.

However, in just a short while, Jiang Yao had already jumped off the sofa and ran into the bedroom.

Before he could chase after her, the bedroom door slammed shut with a bang.

Then, the door locked with a click.

The corners of Lu Xingzhis mouth twitched slightly.

In the end, he laughed out loud.

Jiang Yaos reaction was cuter than he had expected.

Therefore, it was not important how much they talked when they were together.

What was important was that it was appropriate

conversations—even if they did not talk, even if they sat together and did their own things and did not pay attention to each other.

For example, she remembered to turn the volume down when he was reading the newspaper so that it would not affect him.

She did not complain that he had ignored her.

He would also look at her to see what she was doing from time to time.

That was enough.

That was the best state for the two of them to be together.

Lu Xingzhi put the pillow back in its original position before going to the bedroom.

He knocked on the door.

“Alright, I wont tease you anymore.

Do you want some watermelon Ill go to the village to buy a watermelon.


Jiang Yao answered from inside the room.

“Bring me an ice cream too!”.


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