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Chapter 1819 Ended Early

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Her period had always been very regular; it had never been late.

However, she had eaten so many popsicles, so Jiang Yao thought her periods delay was because of that.

Jiang Yao shook her head; she should not overthink the situation.

She and Luxingzhi were in good health.

They would get pregnant eventually.

Zhou Weidqi would go crazy with envy if she and Lu Xingzhi got a child first.

When Jiang Yao went to Nanjiang city, she brought the paper cranes that Lu Xingzhi gave her.

She thought she would have time to fold them for him, but she had

overestimated herself.

Lu Yuqing did not even give her any time to rest.

They went to the company in the morning.

She had to familiarize herself with the companys affairs, attend meetings, and

keep her eye on the company.

She trailed after Lu Yuqing like a secretary.

After the introduction in the meeting, Lu Yuqing had her change into another attire.

Even though Lu Yuqing did not reveal Jiang Yaos identity as Changkang Groups boss,

she still brought Jiang Yao with her when she met with their important clients.

Changkangs pharmaceutical factory would be busy until they released the anti-stress medicine to the patients and got some valuable feedback.

Things would only be

considered complete when that happened.

Finally, Lu Yuqing summoned Manager Sun and dispatched Jiang Yao to Shengqi Hospital to participate in various meetings.

Jiang Yao was kept busy.

After everything ended at Shengqi Hospital, Jiang Yao felt as if she had been drained of energy.

She lay in bed; she could not be bothered to move.

She even dreamt that she was still in meetings when she was asleep.

She could not catch her breath.

However, Jiang Yao truly understood how hard Lu Yuqing worked when she experienced that.

She was grateful for her.

She was even more eager to find Lu Yuqing a few

capable assistants as soon as possible so that she could rest more.

Nevertheless, it was not easy to find such high-level management.

Jiang Yao had entrusted that matter to Gu Haoyu.

He needed a certain amount of time to determine

whether a person was qualified for that position.

He also needed to test that persons personality.

He needed to find a person who would remain rational working for the

Changkang Group.

No one would want greedy executives.

Therefore, although Jiang Yao felt sorry for Lu Yuqings busy schedule, she knew she could not be anxious about hiring new employees.

When Lu Yuqing taught her how to

handle the companys affairs, she would grumble, but she never slacked off.

The busy time seemed to pass quickly.

Jiang Yao had been busy with the companys affairs while paying attention to the matters in YN.

Although Master Sen was killed, it did

not mean that the situation had calmed.

Another person would take advantage of the chaos to become that countrys sovereign.

It was not until the end of August that the situation at YN gradually stabilized.

Jiang Yao also received a call from Lu Xingzhi at that time.

“My training ended early.

Are you in Nanjiang City now”.

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