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Chapter 1812: Inseparable

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After Jiang Yao heard it, her first reaction was, “What does that product presentation have to do with me”

Xiao Yuan knew what Jiang Yao thought when he saw her expression.

He could not help but laugh when he thought of what Director Lu had told him before he left.

“Director Lu knows you better than anyone.

She told me that if you ask me what the product presentation has to do with you, then I should ask you who the Changkang Group belongs to,” Xiao Yuan said.

Jiang Yao curled her lips and said, “Oh.”

Then, she got into the car and asked, “How is the construction of the orphanage in Rong County coming along”

“Its finally completed.

Theyre now renovating, We can use it after about half a year.

Those children are still at the welfare home.

Director Lu even brought Mimi to see them a few days ago.

Hong Ke and I went to see them too.

We love them too.”

Xiao Yuan started to talk more about the children in the orphanage.

Along the way, he spoke of how much the children liked him.

After that, he casually asked Jiang Yao if she had Moe with her.

Xiao Yuan did not know how Jiang Yao allowed Moe to pass the security check every time.

However, no matter where Jiang Yao went, Moe would always follow her.

Moe would always bully Mimi.

Therefore, Xiao Yuan liked Mimi more.

‘When Moe heard Xiao Yuan mention him, he poked his head out of Jiang Yaos pocket and looked at Xiao Yuan, who smiled when he saw Moe.

As expected, Moe and Director Jiang were inseparable.

Jiang Yao pushed Moe back into her pocket.

She looked at the scenery by the roadside and was puzzled.

“This isnt the way back to our residence, right”

“Director Lu is waiting for us at the factory,” Xiao Yuan explained.

“There are other matters at the factory, so she cant leave for now.

Shes afraid that you will stay at home, so she told me to send you to the factory to have a look.

She said she must get you through that door.”

As the boss, Jiang Yao did not seem to have any right to speak.

Everyone seemed to listen to Director Lu, so Jiang Yao was only there for decoration.

The pharmaceutical factory was in a small suburb in Nanjiang City, or one could say that it was a county in Nanjiang City, but it was not far from the city.

The factory was originally a small pharmaceutical factory.

Later, it was purchased by Jiang Yaos Changkang Group and used to produce the anti-stress


The advertisement for that anti-stress medicine was done to the extreme.

Even Jiang Yao, who was in Luo City, could hear them on the radio and see them on the television.

The summer in Nanjiang city was several degrees hotter than in Luo City and Jiang Yaos hometown.

As soon as Jiang Yao got out of the air-conditioned car, she was almost burned by the heatwave.

After getting out of the car, she ran out of the sun.

Then, she followed Xiao Yuan into the factorys office.

The meeting had not officially started, but the product already had orders when Jiang Yao and Xiao Yuan arrived at the office because of the advertisement.

Lu Yuqing talked to a purchasing manager from a private hospital who had rushed there from overseas.

Jiang Yao was surprised to see Huang

Chengjing sitting in the office with his legs crossed, making tea for the customer on behalf of Lu Yuqing.

“Sister,” Jiang Yao called out to Lu Yuging when she entered the office.

She was about to leave when she noticed that Lu Yuging was busy, but the latter stopped her..

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