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Chapter 1807: Break Their Bones

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“That is correct.

She had broken off her previous engagement.

Who would want to marry her I am afraid none of Colonel Yes subordinates are willing to do that, anyway.”

Jiang Yao grinned but said nothing.

Who would have guessed the woman would say such a thing


Lu, that is my elder sister.

She has a pretty stubborn personality.

Im used to it.

Dont bother with her.” No matter how awful she was, she was still Ye Jianguos elder sister.

He had to interrupt the person gossiping about her.

After the group of people entered her home, they walked around Jiang Yaos house.

Everyone heard that Colonel Lu had tidied the small courtyard particularly romanticly.

Furthermore, he had bought the best furniture for his house.

Therefore, they were very curious about the Lu familys home.

“Oh, yes! What happened to the kidnapping case Are you all right”

“It was merely a false alarm.

Everything is fine.” Jiang Yao waved her hand, unconcerned.

She walked into the kitchen and got drinks for her guests.

“According to what I have heard, some kidnappers can be quite despicable and bully other ladies.

That is simply terrifying, We had seen something similar.

They ruined a poor girl, and she died because of that.”

Jiang Yao was horrified.

“Is it true that such a heinous crime occurred Oh, it is unfathomable.

I must be very lucky.

I just met a thief who demanded money.”

Jiang Yao pretended to be terrified.

She feigned to be unaware of such a thing.

She sneered in her heart as she noticed that woman glancing at her.

She wondered if that person had a terrible attitude.

After leaving the army, Lu Xingzhi did not go straight to the police station.

Instead, he went to the hotel to see Liang Yueze, who had returned to Luo City in the middle of the night.

Liang Yuezes phone call sounded urgent, so Lu Xingzhi went there first.

“Our men took Zhu Shiyi and used specific tactics to force him to confess.” They received the report just after midnight.

They learned that the Zhu family was involved, and the Qian family had been pulling the strings.

The Zhu and Qian families were implicated in Chen Xuyaos kidnapping—they were


Chen Xuyaos second uncle was the actual mastermind.

The kidnapping attempt back then had ultimately failed.

Chen Xuyaos life was saved, although there was a time when he wished he had died.

During the inquiry, Liang Yueze asked what happened to Chen Xuyao after he was taken.

It was very shocking.

Case files from that year were reopened.

Even though the criminal from that year had already been sentenced to death, the kidnapping case would need a new trial.

“The Zhu family is struggling right now.

You have to return for closed-door training, so leave the rest to me.

I will provide you with a satisfactory outcome.”

Malevolent air surrounded Liang Yueze followed his remarks.

One would say he was in an awful mood.

The Zhu and Qian families would most likely become his target for venting his rage.

As for the Chen family, they could only worry about Chen Xuyao and his parents.

Chu Sheng and some other children were taken for various reasons, including vengeance.

Finally, the younger generation must assume responsibility for the elders affairs.

Liang Yueze, Lu Xingzhi, and the others hated villains who struck children.

“Leave the Chen familys affairs to Chen Xuyao.

I will make arrangements for the Zhu and Qian families in the next two days.

I shall break the bones of those who hurt my woman!” Lu Xingzhi said coldly.

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