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Chapter 1801: I Wont Eat That

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She was so full that she was supposed to walk around the room to help with digestion.

Must he stare at her like a criminal

Lu Xingzhi planned to go to the police station in the city after dinner, so he changed his clothes and prepared to leave.

Jiang Yaos eyes grinned as she held his hand and escorted him to the main door through the courtyard.

“What time will you be back” Jiang Yao asked as she held his arm.

Those who did not know would think that she hoped that her husband, who was out, would come home early.

However, Lu Xingzhi knew that Jiang Yao was not that clingy.

He knew that she did not mean that.

“You want to eat a few more popsicles before I come back”

His wife smiled as she thought,How could Lu Xingzhi know that”

It was such hot weather, and there was no air conditioning there.

The heat was unbearable, and she could not help but want to eat popsicles.

“You are not allowed to touch any ice for the next few days.

Dont forget that your period is coming.” Lu Xingzhi reminded her.

Drink more water to cool off.

Ive prepared some in the kitchen.”

“Didnt you say that you were sure your child was here” Jiang Yao groaned as she touched her lower abdomen.

“Then I cant let my son be cold,” Lu Xingzhi answered casually and urged Jiang Yao to go back inside so that she would not get sunburned.

No matter what she said or how coquettishly she acted, he would not let her touch any ice for the next few days.

Jiang Yao remained at the door, watching Lu Xingzhi walk away until he was no longer visible.

Then, she touched the coins in her pocket and looked in the grocery stores direction.

She could not keep her body from turning in that direction.

Something gripped her pant leg just as she was ready to step out.

She looked down and saw Moe biting her pant leg to prevent her from going out.

She wondered why Lu Xingzhi would leave so easily.

He had left a little traitor by her side to keep an eye on her.

“Eine, I wont eat that.

Im going back to take a nap.” Jiang Yao waved her hand and immediately lost interest.

She yawned and was ready to go back.

“Miss Jiang! Miss Jiang!”

Jiang Yao had barely entered the courtyard when she heard Ye Jianguos voice.

She noticed the young man leaning against the wall when she raised her head, waving at her.

“Miss Jiang, how are you doing I heard youve returned and greatly wanted to come over to meet you, but Colonel Lu did not let me

do that.

I heard some movement from your side of the courtyard, so I climbed up the wall to take a look.”

Ye Jianguo was not any younger than Jiang Yao.

Still, perhaps it was because Jiang Yaos overly steady personality in front of outsiders made it easy for people to overlook her age, or maybe the young man was carefree at that age, so he was a little more outgoing than girls his age.

That was why Ye Jianguo

had gone so far as to climb the wall.

Jiang Yao had liked her young neighbor since the first time she saw Ye Jianguo at the station.

He was a simple-minded boy.

Jiang Yao could tell that Ye Jianguo had been worried about her, so she said, “Im fine, so dont worry.

It was already very late when we came back last night, so he didnt let everyone come in because he was afraid it would affect everyones rest.”

Ye Jianguo heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that.

Then, he waved his hand at Jiang Yao and made a goodbye gesture before jumping off the wall and leaving.

Moe poked his head out of Jiang Yaos pocket and glanced at the wall.

Then, he waved the coin he took out of her pocket at Jiang Yao.

Without waiting for Jiang Yao to say anything, he quickly jumped off the wall and left..

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