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Chapter 1800:‘ot Participating Anymore

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“I forgot to brush my teeth.” Jiang Yao put her hand over her mouth and did not give him more kisses.

Then she dashed out the door barefoot.

Lu Xingzhis eyes darkened, and he reached out to pull her back.

“How many times have I told you to put on your shoes Even if it is summer, do not walk around


The houses here are not the same as the ones we used to live in.

There may be some bugs on the ground that may sting you.”

“Tve been through that since I was young,” Jiang Yao answered, shaking her head.

Then, when Lu Xingzhi was distracted, she took advantage of the chance to flee.

Nonetheless, she obediently put on her shoes first.

It was annoying to hear about that.

However, if she did not hear about it for a long time, she would miss it again.

Jiang Yao was in the latter state.

Therefore, she could still listen to whatever Lu Xingzhi said.

The dishes prepared by Lu Xingzhi were light, but they were all home-cooked delicacies that Jiang Yao enjoyed.

She was texting on her phone and looked up when the meals were served.

Her gaze shifted from her phone to the platters.

“This is your new dish” Jiang Yao inquired, pointing to the dish in front of her.

“Yes, its cabbage with some spice.

You can eat it,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

“Zhou Junmin taught me that.

I tried it, and its quite good.”

Lu Xingzhi was a person with a good learning aptitude, and he learned everything rapidly.

“How is Zhou Junmin doing”

‘When Jiang Yao was released from the hospital, Zhou Junmin was still there.

His injuries were even worse than Jiang Yaos.

“Hes young, so hes recovering well.

He performed well when he came back to participate in the drill.” Zhou Junmins superior, Lu Xingzhi, was still very satisfied with his performance.

“I wont go back to participate in the drill after this.

When I left, I gave the command to Zhou Junin.”

Zhou Junmin was the squad member most familiar with Lu Xingzhis combat style.

Lu Xingzhi understood Zhou Junmin the most.

For fairness, since he had quit midway, it was impossible for him to return to the drill after that.

“Tshall be leaving the army in the afternoon.

If you have anything you want to buy, or if you have anything you want to eat, let me know.

I will bring you some food when I come back,” Lu Xingzhi said as he added some food for Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao thought for a few seconds before gently putting down her spoon.

She looked at Lu Xingzhi with bright eyes and asked softly, “Hows my car Is it okay What is the problem Can I still drive it

Then, Jiang Yao received a glare from Lu Xingzhi.

“Grapes and yellow pears.” Those two fruits are the best in that season! “Jiang Yao quickly added, “Tl buy a fish on the way back.

I want to drink fish soup tonight.

“Grapes and yellow pears.

Those are the two best fruits this season! I will buy a fish on the way back,” Jiang Yao promptly said.

“I want to have soup tonight.”

Lu Xingzhis expression finally looked better.

“Your car has been sent to the maintenance center.

I dont know what it looks like now.

But dont worry.

I dont think its that bad.”

Jiang Yao narrowed her eyes and smiled at Lu Xingzhi.

She was in a good mood.

“Then lets have a few more apples.”

Lu Xingzhi stated that he would not return to participate in the drill.

He would be in the army before the training concluded, so he could stay for a few more days.

After dinner, she sat on the sofa and let the electric fan cool her down.

Her tongue was practically curling from the heat.

Jiang Yao had been pacing back and forth in the living room, periodically poking her head to look at the kitchen, while Lu Xingzhi was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen.

He would yell

her name whenever she tried to sit on the sofa..

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