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Chapter 1799: Excellent

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Fortunately, Master Zhu had underestimated Jiang Yao, so he was defeated immediately, which was incredibly humiliating for him.

Lu Xingzhi raised his hand and stroked Jiang Yaos hair tenderly.

A part of his heart began to throb as he noticed she moved her head comfortably and brushed against him twice like a kitten but did not wake up.

Lu Xingzhi vowed in his heart that no one in the world would try to touch her again! He would make certain that no one dared to even think of touching her.

It was nearly 11 oclock in the afternoon when Jiang Yao woke up.

She had previously refused to sleep for the sake of her and Chu Shengs safety.

Even though she had always been full of energy in the medical system and was not particularly concerned for her and Chu Shengs safety, she would always feel

uneasy before the situation was addressed.

Jiang Yao slept soundly because she had spent some time with him in the bathroom.

The room featured heavy curtains that gave excellent shade.

She did not realize it was noon until she opened the drapes.

Jiang Yao walked out of the bedroom when she heard tinkling sounds outside.

She took a step toward the kitchen, where she heard the noise.

She poked her head out and noticed Lu

Xingzhi turning around to face her.

“Youre awake” Lu Xingzhi was in a checkered apron that Jiang Yao had purchased a few days before.

“Have you been eating noodles at home lately Why dont you go to the cafeteria”

“Noodles are easy to prepare.

I am too lazy to go to the cafeteria by myself.” Jiang Yao would never admit to being lazy.

She could usually cook noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so she only ate three meals a day.

“Dont go into the kitchen when Im not at home.

There are biscuits at home.

If youre hungry, eat some biscuits.

Go to the canteen for meals.” Lu Xingzhi snorted.

“After eating noodles for a few days, I see that youre almost like a noodle.”

In their hometown, being a noodle was not a good way to compliment someone skinny and obedient.

Unhappy, Jiang Yao walked into the kitchen and pinched Lu Xingzhis waist.

“I threw in some poached eggs and vegetables!”

“Excellent.” Lu Xingzhi paid little attention to his compliments.

He poured some sauce into the pot.

Jiang Yao smelled the aroma right away.

She rested her chin on his shoulders and tapped her toes.

She cried as she stared into the saucepan.

“Were having braised chicken drumsticks for lunch”

“Meow, meow, meow!” Moe, who Jiang Yao had ignored, suddenly pointed at the pot.

“Your man said that the pot is for me!”

Jiang Yao had been starving for days after eating only noodles.

Later, when she was kidnapped, Moe could not even smell the noodles he disliked.

‘When Jiang Yao heard Moes smug tone, she knew that he probably sold her out while she was sleeping, such as how many noodles she cooked, how many meals she ate, how many ingredients she put in, and so on.

For example, how many times did she buy ice cream

How many mornings did she sleep until she woke up naturally and did not eat breakfast

Lu Xingzhi probably knew everything, No wonder he gave her such a pretentious compliment.

Jiang Yao pouted her lips and poked Moes head.


Jiang Yaos childlike demeanor effectively amused Lu Xingzhi.

His stiff face could not say anything to teach her a lesson.

He had no choice but to lower his head and kiss the corner of her mouth.

“Go wash up.

You can have lunch later..”

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