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Chapter 1791: Who Gave You The Courage

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That b*stard did not even mention his last-minute change of plans, and he even asked such a stupid question.

They had planned the kidnapping, but without the choice that Qian Zhibin presented.

They had even thought of hurting the two women.

All they wanted was a promise.

All they wanted was peace of mind.

Master Zhu glanced at Qian Zhibin.

Just like how Qian Zhibin looked down on him, he also looked down on Qian Zhibins way of doing things.

Master Zhu thought for a few seconds before he said, “Mr.

Liang, Young Master Liang, Young Master Chen, the Zhu family has no animosity with you.

I invited you here because we could not contact Young Master Lu.

Thats why we had to get you here from thousands of miles away.

My request is very


Il have to persuade Young Master Lu to let the Zhu family stay in this country.

Il let his wife go as long as you agree to that.”

That was Master Zhus goal.

His familys losses in YN almost caused Master Zhu to have a stroke.

However, a few days ago, he accidentally discovered that someone was eyeing the Zhu familys properties in the country.

He immediately thought of the Young Master Lu and his wife.

Master Zhu suspected that Lu Xingzhi was behind the Zhu familys uprooting from YN.

Therefore, he wanted the man to give the Zhu family a guarantee.

Even if it were just a verbal promise, he would still take the risk.

The Zhu family could not afford to have any major incidents again.

“Swear on her life.

Swear that she will die a horrible death, be alone and suffering for the rest of her life, curse her to be sick—”

Before Master Zhu finished his words, Mr.

Liang and Liang Yueze could no longer listen to him.

“Are you going to use all the most vicious curses in the world”

Liang Yueze sneered, “The Zhu family kidnapped our people just to extract a promise from us.

What if someone else does the same thing next time Just how prominent is the Zhu family that we are willing to do that for you”

Of course, Master Zhu understood the sarcasm in Liang Yuezes words.

However, he had no choice.

His familys external problems had not ended, and there were even some internal conflicts within the family.

Even though he was head of the family, he feared that he would be the familys downfall.

He knew that the Zhu familys power had weakened, especially when they lost their economic footing in YN.

His family members even incited some conflicts within the family.

They were not worried about the familys future; they only wanted to seize more benefits for themselves.

After Master Zhu finished speaking, Qian Zhibins expression became unsightly.

He was unhappy.

“Fifth Young Master Chen, my request is the same.

I know that you have been investigating the Qian family.

I also know that you stole my territories.

You must have wanted to take revenge on me.

Our families dont need to stay in each others businesses.

Take a step back from that matter, and I will

return her to you in one piece.”

When Qian Zhibin almost finished speaking, a gunshot rang out quickly, followed by another gunshot that was slightly more muffled.

Two people fired from different directions.

They were not fatal shots, but Qian Zhibin and Master Zhu were shot simultaneously.

Lu Xingzhi appeared.

His face looked even more cold and ruthless.

He walked toward Master Zhu and stepped on Master Zhus walking stick.

“Who gave you the courage to curse my wife like that”

If he had not needed to cooperate with Liang Yueze, Lu Xingzhi would have rushed out to attack Master Zhu.

He wanted to protect his wife..

Who had the right to swear at his wife

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