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Chapter 1773: Who Wants Him To Save Me

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Chu Sheng was stunned for a moment.

When she heard Jiang Yao say those words, she thought it was something serious.

When Jiang Yao said that her car was damaged, she got very angry.

What made her even angrier was that she did not even have the time to look at the extent of the damage.


Chu Sheng could not figure out why Jiang Yao was so weird.

She was captured, but she did not cry or make a fuss.

It was fine if she was not anxious, but how could she be so calm She was even worried about the damages to the car.

She was not concerned about her own safety at all.

Jiang Yao, arent you afraid” Chu Sheng asked.

“Tm not afraid, When I was captured, my two bodyguards knew about it.

It wont be long before they find me.” Jiang Yao was not afraid.

Even if Big Ke and Ah Lu could not find that place, she still had Moe with her.

Moe would find Lu Xingzhi and tell him where she was.

No matter the other partys reason for capturing her and Chu Sheng, they had gone through so much trouble and so much blood.

That meant that she and Chu Sheng were useful to them.

Since they were useful, they would remain safe for the time being.

Furthermore, even if they wanted to attack her, at a certain point, as long as she did not kill anyone, she could use any means to protect herself.

Chu Sheng knew Jiang Yaos two bodyguards.

When she saw Jiang Yaos confidence, the fear in her heart was inexplicably suppressed.

Jiang Yao looked at Chu Sheng and said, “Dont worry, Chen Xuyao will find out eventually.

If Chen Xuyao knows you are here, he will definitely rush here to save you.”

“Who wants him to save me* Chu Sheng quickly gestured as if she was casually making a meaningless gesture.

Jiang Yao smiled and did not reply.

She began to focus her attention and surveyed the surroundings, observing the situation around her.

The room looked like the combination of a factory staff dormitory and an office.

There were many workshops and offices downstairs, but no one was there.

Big Ke and Ah Lus car was stopped at the army base entrance.

The moment they got out of the vehicle and approached the entrance with a panicked expression, the soldiers immediately paid attention to them.

Soldiers would always tell who was dangerous at a glance.

“The military base is an important place.

Outsiders are not allowed to get in.” A cold sentence blocked the two of them from getting close to the entrance.

Big Ke and Ah Lu looked at each other.

Even though they knew about Lu Xingzhis troops, they did not know his superior officer.

However, at least they knew that Lu Xingzhi was a special forces soldier.

Big Ke did not insist on getting closer to speak.

He immediately said, “I am the Special Forces Colonel Lus wifes bodyguard.

Someone had kidnapped her, and weve lost her location.

Please inform your leader to contact Colonel Lu as soon as possible.”

‘When the soldier heard that, he was scared silly.

He did not say anything before he left and ran inside.

Kidnapping a military family member was a big deal.

Colonel Lu was also the Special Forces commander.

‘When the soldier heard the news, he thought it was because some criminals were targeting military family members.

Therefore, he did not dare delay and quickly reported that news.

Lu Xingzhi had already set off to participate in the new exercise.

The training was for the Special Forces and the field team..

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