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Chapter 1771: This Is Luo City

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There was no hint of a smile on that persons face when he spoke.

His entire person gave off a very sinister feeling.

Jiang Yao faked unconsciousness as she was carried upstairs by two people.

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, Jiang Yao would never have believed that the woman she had been curious about was actually Chu Sheng!

Jiang Yao had thought that the person who kidnapped her was a robber who specialized in targeting single and seemingly wealthy women.

However, it was not the case because Chu Sheng was there.

Perhaps Chu Sheng had been fed with sleeping pills, so she slept very peacefully on the bed.

After Jiang Yao confirmed that the person had left, she let Moe use his claws to cut the rope and set her free.

After confirming that Chu Sheng had taken some sleeping pills, Jiang Yao took out a bottle of sleeping pills from the system and gave one to Chu Sheng.

After about ten minutes, Chu Sheng slowly woke up.

‘When Chu Sheng saw Jiang Yao standing in front of her, she was even more surprised than Jiang Yao.

‘Jiang Yao, why are you here Arent you in Nanjiang City Why are you in Jindo City” Chu Sheng was stunned as she looked at Jiang Yao, gesturing in sign language.

“You rescued me*

“Thats not it.”

Jiang Yao saw that Chu Sheng had been taking sleeping pills for the past few days and was in a comatose state every day, so she had no idea that she had left Jindo City.

“That isnt Jindo City, nor is it Nanjiang City.

This is Luo City.

We havent rescued you, and Ive been captured too.” At that moment, Jiang Yao is not afraid or angry about being kidnapped.

She was more interested in the purpose and identity of the kidnapper.

Chu Shengs face fell instantly.

Her hands, which were initially gesturing, dropped to the bed dejectedly.

“When I was captured, my two bodyguards were right behind me.

They would have immediately contacted the troops to save me.” Jiang Yao thought Chu Sheng was afraid, so she patted her in comfort.

“And I remember that you know martial arts.

How did you get captured Do you know the people who

captured us”

Chu Sheng shook her head and gestured weakly.

“They used my kidnapping case to lure me into the trap.

I was not smart enough, so I fell for it.

I remember everything that happened that year.

If I see anything suspicious, they will pay a heavy price.”

Jiang Yao asked,What do you mean You disappeared.

Chen Xuyao was so anxious that he called me.

He said that he sensed you were in danger and tured the entire Jindo City upside down to find you.

He thought that you pretended to ignore him.

You even ran away from him when he lowered his guard.”

Chu Sheng smiled bitterly.

“I was not running away, but I wanted to know who caused me to become like this.

I wanted to take revenge and avenge myself.

I want to bring the real culprit to justice.”

Chu Sheng was afraid that Jiang Yao could not understand, so she was very slow in signing.

“Back then, although the same group of people kidnaped Chen Xuyao and me, our circumstances were not quite the same.

I was kidnapped for two days before Chen Xuyao was taken.

There were many children of the

same age as us as well.

Do you know the feeling of watching your classmate being brutally cut into pieces and killed with your own eyes Every time I closed my eyes for so many years, I saw the look of despair and horror in my classmates eyes, the sticky feeling of blood-stained shoes, the lifeless head

pressing on my feet like a red ball…”

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