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Chapter 1767: Work Hard

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Master Sen was a militant and ambitious man.

Someone like Master Sen loved power.

They would not think about the damage that war would do to a country or how much damage it would do to the people of that country.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi guessed that YN would go to war, but he did not expect it to be so soon.

“According to Uncle Liang, it will happen soon.” Jiang Yao did not know much about the countrys politics and military affairs.

If Lu Xingzhi had not said that it would have an impact, she would not have known what effect it would have had.

“When the time comes, they wont send you guys to help fight the war in YN, right” Jiang Yao suddenly thought of that question.

Lu Xingzhi smiled.

“General Min Pang isnt so useless.

The YN government leaders arent so useless.

They probably wont ask us to help.

If they ask for our help, then it means our country will need the support.

But with General Min Pang, it wont come to that.”

Lu Xingzhi thought that he would most likely deploy several teams to the border to protect the lives and property of the people there when the time came.

He would also be on guard against those who took advantage of the chaos.

However, Lu Xingzhi did not tell Jiang Yao about that.

He kept his knowledge to himself.

If he told her about it, it would only add to Jiang Yaos worries.

Lu Xingzhi finally finished cooking to satisfy Jiang Yaos cravings at noon.

She was not disappointed.

Finally, she ate until she was full.

He even had to rub her stomach.

Lu Xingzhi still needed to go out in the afternoon.

It was hot outside, so he did not drag Jiang Yao out for a walk.

Instead, he dragged her around the house for a few rounds before agreeing to let her sit on the sofa in the living room to rest.

The television was on, but the two did not have much interest in watching the news.

Jiang Yao leaned into Lu Xingzhis arm.

His broad palm rubbed her stomach gently.

His strength was neither too heavy nor too light.

It felt so comfortable that she felt drowsy.

“Your body is almost recovered, right” Lu Xingzhi suddenly asked.

Jiang Yao groaned in a daze.

She felt Lu Xingzhis hand slide down a little from her stomach.

She snorted discontentedly and moved his hand back.

“Rub here.”

Lu Xingzhi chuckled in a low voice.

He lowered his head slightly and kissed her eyelids.

“Youre here now.

After my closed-door training is over, well work hard to have a child as soon as possible.”

Jiang Yao, who was about to close her eyes and fall asleep, suddenly perked up.

“Why wait until your closed-door training is over You can work hard for the next two days.”

Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

He raised his hand and rubbed her head, saying, “I still have two months of closed-door training.

Who will take care of you for the next two months if you get pregnant now If you get pregnant after my training ends, I will take you to school every day.

No matter what, that is

my business.

It is better if I work hard for you.”

How could he bear to let her take care of herself alone in the city when she was pregnant

“You did not take any safety measures yesterday.”

Jiang Yao poked his arm and then touched her flat belly.

“Maybe your son has already started to hide here.”

Perhaps she had said too much about the same thing, Jiang Yao gradually became thick-skinned.

She would still be a little shy when talking about children in the past.

At that moment, she was like a female hooligan, lying in Lu Xingzhis arms, blushing and saying all kinds of intimate things.

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