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Chapter 1760: My Husbands Family Is Rich

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“A hundred bucks a month Is there more Then wont Colonel Lus wifes

salary be higher than his” Those people had awkward expressions on their


They thought that a man was strong.

No matter how capable a woman was, she

could not beat a man.

It was customary for a man to earn a high income at


It was abnormal fora woman to do better than a man and make more


That couple would suffer because of that.

No man would like a woman who was better than them, and no woman would

like a man who was not as good as them.

“I dont know how much our teachers earn, and Im not a teacher either.


just a graduate student who just passed the entrance exam.

Im my teachers

assistant, not an employee of the school.

My teacher pays my salary.

A new assistant like me does not earn much, but I dont care how much money it is.

After all, I am still a student.” Jiang Yao quickly explained as she looked at

those people who seemed like they wanted to turn her pockets inside out to see

how much money she had.

Those people did not want to steal her money; they were just too curious about

other peoples personal matters.

That was normal, but Jiang Yao was a little conflicted.

She did not like people asking her personal questions, and she would never ask

others how much money they earned ina month.

That was not polite.


These ladies obviously do not believe you.

If you dont have much money, can

you afford to use a cell phone The phone bill costs a lot per month, right How

can Colonel Lu spend money like that”

Jiang Yao thought for a moment and could only give them another explanation.

“My husbands family is rich.”

Then, she smiled as she waited for the but to arrive.

She wanted to let them

know that she did not lack money to spend.

Otherwise, everyone would pay

attention to Lu Xingzhis salary and wonder where she got her money.

Jiang Yaos answer instantly made everyone quiet down.

It was a little

heart-wrenching for those who still had problems purchasing daily


Those with financial problems would naturally develop a kind of envy and

jealousy toward the rich.

Therefore, they all felt they were a little out of place

with Colonel Lus wife, just like the gap between the rich and the poor.

Jiang Yao did not care about their opinion, but she was clear where everyone

stood on that matter.

The bus arrived at the station a few minutes later.

After everyone got orn the bus, Ye Jianguo stood beside Jiang Yao and continued to talk to Jiang Yao.


was the only one not affected by Jiang Yaos words.

“Are you going to school or somewhere else” Ye Jianguo asked.

“Im going back

to school to find someone.

If you are heading there, we can go together.”

“Im going to the market to buy some vegetables.

Im not going back to school.”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

She was glad that she was not going back to school.

Otherwise, with Ye Jianguos noisy personality, she would be annoyed all the


When the bus reached the downtown area, the sun was already shining so

brightly that people could barely open their eyes.

Jiang Yao asked for directions

and went straight to the first market.

Ye Jianguo, who was supposed to head to school, turned around and went to Ye

Xuelis dormitory to look for her.

Even though they had the same parents, Ye Xueli and her younger brother Ye Jianguo did not have a good relationship.

Ye Xueli had always thought that her

younger brother was a little silly.

He could get along well with their stepmother

and another younger brother at home.

She felt that Ye Jianguo was not

someone who would stand on her side.

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