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Chapter 1757: Return Home As Soon As Possible

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If Jiang Yao had not known about that old womans character, she would have laughed out of anger.

Was she not embarrassed to ask that She even wanted to rent another persons land for a few bucks.

The old lady must have asked her about their jobs because she wanted to know if they had money.


she think they would steal her vegetables

“Old Madam, I dont want to rent our land.

Ill just grow some vegetables.

I still have something to do and have to go out for a while.

Please excuse me, Old Madam.” Then, Jiang Yao calmly locked the courtyard gate and walked away.

She had dealt with people like Mrs.

Ge, so she was already immune to such neighbors.

She did not think badly of them.

No one could control what kind of person other people wanted to be.

After Jiang Yao left the family area, she asked a passing young soldier and learned about a parking lot about 500 meters away.

A bus would pass by in half an hour.

Then, she thanked him and went in that direction.

The sum was already very warm at 9:30 in the morning.

Moe was in her backpack, and he complained about her intention to suffocate him.

‘Moe was surprisingly lazy in the summer.

Unless it was time to eat, he could sleep all day long.

It was as if he was hibernating in the summer.

The parking lot was about 500 meters away, but Jiang Yao walked for 15 minutes.

When she arrived, a few people were waiting at the bus stop.

Jiang Yao did not recognize them.

Therefore, she did not know if they were some soldiers family members or villagers from a nearby village.

She put her backpack down and placed it in the shade so that Moe could cool down for a while.

At that moment, someone greeted her.

“You came from the army base You have family there Im guessing you must be related to Colonel Lu.” A young woman took the initiative to speak to Jiang Yao.

“Im also a soldiers family member.

My husband is in the 3rd Regiment.

I live near the old hospital.

Yesterday, I heard that Colonel Lus wife had

returned home.

Many people saw her.

They said that she was gorgeous.

When I saw you, | felt that the compliment was directed at you.”

‘When Jiang Yao realized that her smile was very gentle, she immediately fell in love with that person.

It was easy to tell whether a persons praises were sincere or not.

A sincere person would smile with their eyes, just like that woman who spoke to her.

“Yes, my husband is Lu Xingzhi.”

Jiang Yao nodded to confirm the other partys guess.

Jiang Yao was about to tell the other party her name when the phone in her backpack rang.

Then, she heard a soft curse.

She did not know where Moe had learned it from.

She knew he would cut that call if he could.

It was Mr.


When she saw the phone number, Jiang Yao immediately picked it up and said, “Uncle Liang.”

“Jiang Yao, if I remember correctly, your second brother is one of the tea merchants who went to YN a few months ago, right He should be a member of YNs Tea Merchants Association.

I received news that YN might be going to war soon.

Call your second brother and tell him to come home as soon as

possible.” Mr.

Liang did not bother to exchange pleasantries with Jiang Yao.

“The news came from YN.

Master Sen suffered a significant loss and fell out with the current government, so he might use that excuse to occupy YN.”

“Tunderstand, Uncle Liang.

I will call my brother.” Jiang Yao did not need Mr.

Liang to explain further to know that she could not spread the news.

What she could do was to ensure that Jiang Lei returned home safely.

However, she also believed that the country would also protect the safety of the tea merchants in YN.


Liang had told her in advance because he wanted Jiang Lei to come back early so that his family would not worry when the war started.

Furthermore, the earlier he returned home, the earlier he could

withdraw his workforce and money from YN and reduce as much losses as possible..

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