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Chapter 1754: Her Scent

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He wanted the entire Zhu family to disappear from Ping City.

He wanted the

Zhu family to cease to be prosperous.

He wanted the Zhu family to be like stray


The Zhu family had accumulated much wealth over the past hundred years.


Xingzhí wanted them to lose everything overnight

Every girl was more or less afraid of thunder, especially in the summer in the


It was so loud that it sounded like an explosion.

Jiang Yao could see flashes of light through the gap in the bathroom window.

Coupled with the thunder, it was strange for such a night.

It somehow

reminded Jiang Yao of the ghost movies she saw when she was younger

She hurriedly put on her pajamas and opened the bathroom door.

She was

relieved when she saw the lights in the house.

Just as she was about to run into

the bedroom to find Lu Xingzhi, a hand suddenly reached out and pulled her.

She was so scared that she almost screamed.

“Im here.” Lu Xingzhi could tell from her expression that she did not see him

leaning against the door waiting for her.

As soon as she stepped out of the

door, she looked at the bedroom.

She did not even turn to look at where he was.

He knew that she must be looking for him.

She must have thought that he was

in the bedroom.

Hearing his voice, Jiang Yao took a deep breath and patted her chest.


scared me to death.

Cant you make a sound when you see me coming out of the

bathroom Also, why are you standing here

“Waiting for you.” Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and sniffed her neck.


smelled fresh from the shower.

It was the same with her hair, with a faint

lemon smell.

He remembered that the body wash and shampoo were given to

Jiang Yao by Luo Ruoran.

“My wife smells so good,” Lu Xingzhi said and kissed her neck.

He found it

interesting when she shrank her as she was ticklish.

He moved to the other

side to kiss her.

People said that ticklish women loved their husbands.

Lu Xingzhi also

remembered a saying in his hometown-ticklish men were afraid of their


Similarly, a ticklish woman would also love her husband.

Jiang Yao had heard that saying before, but she felt that it did not make any

sense because Lu Xingzhi was not ticklish.

Anyway, when the two of them

quarreled, he would only tickle her when she was ticklish.

There was no chance

for her to counterattack him.

The rain grew heavier-the droplets were huge.

They could hear the loud

pitter-patter sound of rain.

Jiang Yao was standing at the bathroom entrance.

Then, Lu Xingzhi carried her

in his arms.

She could see that a curtain of rain had formed at the corridor


They would not be able to see such a beautiful scene in the new


Jiang Yao looked up at Lu Xingzhi and said with a chuckle, “It seems like the

fruit trees in the yard dont need to be watered tomorrow.”

The weather will probably be like this for the next few days.” Lu Xingzhi

half-hugged and half-held Jiang Yao as he brought her into the bedroom.


looked like there would be no more thunder, so he was prepared to take

another shower before going to bed.

However, he needed Jiang Yao to do something for him before that.

Lu Xingzhi let Jiang Yao sit on the bed.

He turmed around and opened the

luggage bag he had brought back from the mountains.

He took out the metal

box that he had hidden at the bottom and walked toward Jiang Yao with it in

his hand like a treasure.

Then, he opened the box in front of Jiang Yao and took

Out all the papers he had opened.

He placed them in front of her.

“I have opened more than half of the paper cranes.

These are all the ones that I

have seen.

Help me fold them back, and please fold them properly.

Then, put

them in the drawer.

I will take those that have not been opened yet.” The

closed-door training was not over yet; he would not be able to see her until it

Was over.

He still had to rely on the paper cranes to spend every lonely night

missing her..

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