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Chapter 1750: First Things First

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Lu, weve finally met you.

Colonel Lu doesnt take it easy on women.

During the selection process, he was extremely cold and ruthless toward us.

Were just looking forward to meeting you as soon as possible.

Please, give


Before the female soldier could finish her sentence, Lu Xingzhi appeared behind her.

He asked, “What if I give it to you”

The female soldier shrank back, and the group of people dispersed, laughing as they quickly left Jiang Yaos side.

It was not an exaggeration to describe Lu Xingzhi as a ferocious beast.

“Dont listen to their nonsense.” Lu Xingzhi placed the plate in front of Jiang Yao.

“Just eat a little tonight.

Ill cook something delicious for you tomorrow.” Jiang Yao looked at the plate in front of her—they were all her favorite dishes.

Was that what he meant by making do

However, Jiang Yao did not refute his words.

She watched him turn around to go get soup, so she waited for him.

After Lu Xingzhi came back with a small bowl of soup, she handed a pair fork and spoon to him.

“Whats wrong with Ouyang Chenrui” After sitting down, the first question Lu Xingzhi asked was about Ouyang Chenrui.

He had asked her once before, but Jiang Yaos classmate interrupted him.

Jiang Yao hummed and drank the soup, but she was not in a hurry to answer him.

After swallowing the food in her mouth, she said, “Well, I dont know whats going on either Maybe he found out from Professor Ouyang that Im now studying at University A, so he came here for me.

He said that he has a company here, but I dont know whether thats true or not.”

“Bullsh*t.” Lu Xingzhi snorted and looked at Jiang Yaos face with bright eyes.

Jiang Yao knew what that guy was thinking when she saw his expression.

“Dont touch Ouyang Chenrui.

After all, he is Professor Ouyangs son.” After Jiang Yao said that, she tried to explain again.

“What I mean is that we cant touch his company either.”

The corner of Lu Xingzhis mouth twitched contemptuously.

He was indeed thinking about how he could destroy Ouyang Chenruis company so that he would leave to go back to Nanjiang City.

Well, that was if Ouyang Chenrui did have a company there.

“Be good, be obedient.” Jiang Yao copied the tone that Lu Xingzhi often used with her.

Then, she picked all the onions from the plate and put them into Lu Xingzhis bowl.

“Theres no need to hold him back.

I dont like him.

Its useless for him to appear in front of me.”

Lu Xingzhi was unhappy because she spoke to Ouyang Chenrui, so Jiang Yao kicked him under the table.

She did not expect Lu Xingzhi to ignore her.

Was he angry Was he unhappy

Jiang Yao poked the bowl with her spoon.

Her eyes were observing Lu Xingzhi.

When did that guy become so narrow-minded

“Hey!” Jiang Yao poked Lu Xingzhis arm.

She thought he would at least look at her; she did not expect him to pull away from her.

It was clear that he was still ignoring her.

Jiang Yao thought for a moment and said, “Lu Xingzhi.”

The man glanced at her, but it only took two seconds.

“Why didnt you talk to me just now” Jiang Yao moved the plate toward Lu Xingzhi.

“Help me pick out the green onions..”

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