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Chapter 175: Making a Scene

However, a coy smirk appeared on Zhang Xinans face when he recognized the watch on the mans wrist.

“His watch is not cheap, but Ive never seen or heard about him in Nanjiang City.”

“Ill bet he is here for a business trip and is hooking up with a young college girl while hes at it,” Zhang Xiqing mocked with a scornful smile on her face.

“Otherwise, why would they check in to a hotel at this hour This is outrageous!”

Zhang Xiqing left as soon as the opening ceremony ended and she was here with Zhang Xinan to pick up a relative for lunch.

She didnt expect that she would be witnessing such an arousing scene here at the hotel, Jiang Yao checking in to a hotel room with a man.

Zhang Xiqing gritted her teeth, disgruntled.

It would be such a scandalous topic.

Too bad she didnt have a camera with her today, otherwise, she would see what that b*tch had to say about this.

“Business trip Hehehe~” Zhang Xinan giggled in amusement.

“Xiqing, you go ahead with our task, pick Uncle up and go to the restaurant straight away, Ill catch up later.

If I cant make it, cover for me with whatever excuse you have off the top of your head.”

“What do you want to do” Zhang Xiqing frowned, displeased.

“What do I want to do F*ck that pretty little thing, of course~ I bet your collegemate tastes quite nice~” Implicit didnt exist in Zhang Xinans dictionary.

He always said whatever was on his mind out loud.

“She looks so pure and innocent on the outside but she must be a frisky little cat inside.

Woohoo, I cant wait to screw her!”

Before Zhang Xiqing could react, Zhang Xinan had already moved towards Jiang Yao and Chen Xuyao, blocking their way arrogantly.

The snobbish Zhang Xinan wouldnt dare to offend those who were out of his league, but an outsider who came to Nanjiang for a business trip He scoffed at them.

To him, snatching a girl from an outsider like that guy was a piece of cake.

As the drama unfolded, Zhang Xiqing decided to stay.

She wanted to stay back to watch the show and also to ridicule Jiang Yao.

“Hey pretty, instead of this toy boy, why dont you come with me If you make me happy, I can make you live like a queen in Nanjiang City.”

Zhang Xinan reached out his hand to grab Jiang Yao, but Chen Xuyao was faster.

He immediately pulled Jiang Yao behind him and protected her.

Despite his fair complexion and scrawny appearance as an interior designer, he was a graduate of the military academy.

He hadnt lost touch of his strength and fast reflexes.

He stretched out his arm, grabbed Zhang Xinans hand, and clasped it tightly.

Zhang Xinans face twisted in an agonizing grimace, yelling loudly.

“Let go! Let go of me! B*stard, do you know who I am Do you want to die” Zhang Xinan stomped angrily, extreme pain was radiating from his hand.

He saw Zhang Xiqing standing not far from him and anxiously shouted, “Xiqing, Xiqing! Help me! Get this lunatic off me!”

Zhang Xiqing cursed at her cousin quietly before walking over to him.

She finally got to see the man who was standing with Jiang Yao clearly when she approached them.

She even froze for a while upon the scene, for he was such a handsome man.

She quickly came to her senses though.

Why did this man fall for Jiang Yao out of so many girls out there She thought for a while and came to a conclusion.

He must be as nasty and cheap as Jiang Yao if he fancied her.

What a big waste of his good looks.

“Let go of him!” Zhang Xiqing lifted her chin like a proud poodle.

“How dare you touch us, the Zhang family!”

“Hey, are you scared! Let go of me!” The cowardly grimace on Zhang Xinans face disappeared after Zhang Xiqing announced their family name.

“The Zhang family” Chen Xuyao said in a mocking tone.

Instead of letting go, he gripped his clutch even tighter.

The grip was so tight that Zhang Xinan yelled loudly in pain, wondering if his hand was broken in half.

He tried to shake off the grip while shouting, “Let go! Apologize to me at once and let me play with your girl first.

After Im tired of her, Ill give her back to you.

If you do as I say, Ill forget about everything that happened here.”

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